21 March 2017

Sol 1640-1642: Better Late than Never!

Posted by Ryan Anderson


Sorry for the delayed posting! In the rush to get ready for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), I forgot to post about the sol 1640-42 plan. Better late than never!

The weekend plan started with some Navcam atmospheric observations, followed by ChemCam on the bedrock target “Big Moose Mountain.” Mastcam documented the ChemCam target and then did some deck monitoring and atmospheric dust observations. Then MAHLI and APXS analyzed the excellently-named targets “Junk of Pork Island” and “Uncle Steve’s Point.”

On Sol 1641, ChemCam analyzed “Dram Island” and “Frye Island.” Mastcam documented those targets and the APXS targets with a couple of small mosaics, and also observed the target “Anasagunticook.” We also ran some drill diagnostics. On Sol 1642 our main activity was a drive with typical post-drive imaging and MARDI.

Now, back to LPSC! If you want to hear the latest in planetary science, I and many others are “microblogging” the sessions on twitter, using the hashtag #LPSC2017!

by Ryan Anderson