23 November 2011

Curiosity as Art

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Greeting from Florida! I’m in Cocoa beach for the MSL launch and science team meeting. We’re still on track for a Saturday morning launch, and the weather forecast so far looks good!

This morning I heard a bunch of really interesting status updates from all of the instruments but I can’t tell you about them. Instead, here are some artist’s renditions of MSL, courtesy of the folks at Unmanned Spaceflight. I was just hanging out with my adviser and some other members of the camera team and it took us way too long to track down these pictures, so hopefully posting them here will help others find them. We originally found them inĀ this gallery at the Curiosity Facebook page.

Curiosity by Warhol

The Mona Lisa

American Gothic

Ansel Adams

Starry Night

And finally, I have to add this image which was recently released by NASA and has not been doctored at all. It was brought to my attention by Emily that Curiosity is lookin’ pretty evil here with the red laser and the red eyes.

Come with me if you want to live.