27 October 2011

Occupy Science!

Posted by Ryan Anderson

By now you have probably seen some of the awesome parodies of the Occupy Wall Street movement making the rounds on the internet. Here are some of my favorite space and planetary-themed ones.

First, we have the obvious one:

Jupiter also seems to have a lot of people upset:

I made the next one after a friend pointed out that the angular momentum disparity is much worse than the mass disparity. We are the 0.2 %!


And it’s not just the solar system that suffers from gross injustice. Dark matter is finally making itself heard:

"I work around the clock - 10^43 planck times per second - providing the gravitational attraction needed to hold this galaxy cluster together. And some baryonic cosmologist wants to explain me away as a modification of newtonian gravity? I have been silent for 13.7 billion years, but no more. I AM THE 96%

And finally, I made this one for all the geoscientists out there. The mantle and core make up 99% of the Earth’s volume, and they are tired of being oppressed by the crust:

Anyone else have good science parodies of the Occupy and/or 99% movement? Share them in the comments!