31 July 2011

Agouron Photo Album

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Here's a teaser: spectacular spinifex texture in a komatiite flow. Click for the full annotated album.

Well folks, I’m back from the amazing Agouron Geobiology Field School in Timmins, Ontario. You may have noticed that I managed to put up a couple of blog posts at the beginning of the trip before I fell behind and was unable to catch up. Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will not be surprised. I always make grand promises to blog my way through conferences and field trips, but then it turns out that during conferences and field trips, I want to do other things. Like, hang out with friends/colleagues. And eat and sleep. I know, I’m so needy.

And then the trip is over, and I come home, and I have other stuff to do. Alas, it looks like this trip is going to follow the same pattern. But do not despair! I have distilled the trip into its photographic essence, and posted the result as an album on my Facebook page and on Picasa/Google+. So, follow those linksĀ and enjoy my annotated photos from the field, and of the samples that I collected.

Also, stay tuned. I am working on a rather lengthy post about our visit to Kidd Creek mine…