28 February 2011

Not dead yet

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Hello loyal readers. Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately, but things have been slightly crazy. I have been frantically working on wrapping up a paper and last week I was out at Los Alamos National Lab last week collecting some last-minute data (a.k.a. zapping some more rocks) for the paper. This week I get to (somehow) finish it and make a poster about the results which I will present next week at LPSC. So, unfortunately I won’t be posting here much for the next week. For that matter I might not be sleeping much this week either… I’m planning to blog the conference though, and afterwards I’ll be staying in Houston for 4 weeks where I should have a little more time to post.

Until then, here’s a cool picture of simultaneous impact craters on Mars:

(Hat tip to Ian O’Neill for posting about this cool image.)