21 June 2010

Hoyt and Ruth

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Normally I stick to topics that are at least tangentially related to science on this blog, but I’m making an exception. My grandfather, who is 92 this year, has entered the story of how he met my grandmother into an online writing contest. They were happily married for 68 years, and their story is truly touching. I hope you’ll take a moment to go and read it, and if you like it, vote by leaving a comment.

I am getting married in August of this year and I asked my grandpa to say a few words about marriage, because 68 years is a long time to spend with someone, and I thought he would have some words of wisdom to pass on to my fiancee and I, and our friends and family members. Once you read Hoyt and Ruth’s story, you’ll see exactly why I asked him to speak about marriage at our wedding.