7 October 2008

Red Mars on TV!

Posted by Ryan Anderson

If you are reading this blog, which you are, and you have not read Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, you should drop everything and go get the book. I read it in high school, before I really knew much about Mars but when I was starting to think about planetary astronomy. It is the story of the first colonists to permanently setlle the red planet, and is more realistic than a lot of sci-fi. It does a great job of making Mars a vital part of the story: the setting almost becomes one of the characters, and the political and personal struggles that the (human) characters face are really gripping. It’s a long book, no denying that, but at the end I sat back and reflected on the sheer scope of the story I had just read and said “Wow.” And then I went and read the sequels: Green Mars and Blue Mars.

So, I am understandably excited to hear that AMC is seriously looking at making Red Mars into a TV series! Of course, as with any adaptation, this could be terrible. But I think that it may actually work to the story’s advantage. Much like the Lord of the Rings movies, a sweeping camera movement can accomplish what would have been pages of description, allowing the story to move along faster. We will just have to wait and see, but I have high hopes!

(I found out about this at the Tor.com blog, which you should be reading if you like sci-fi)