7 October 2008

More Astro-Art!

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Lynn Adrich, Pilgrimage: Through the Wormhole 2008
installation in progress

Right on the heels of my post about Planets as Art, a press release from JPL is announcing a new exhibit in Pasadena that is the result of collaboration between the Spitzer space telescope team and the Pasadena Art Center College of Design. From the press release:

For thousands of years, people have used art to explore ideas that humble, confuse or even frighten us. A new exhibition opening in Pasadena continues this tradition, bringing artists and astronomers together to create original pieces of art.

“Science is bringing us spectacular discoveries that torque our everyday perception of reality. Things like black holes, multiple universes and time distortions challenge our human-centered culture and beliefs,” said Stephen Nowlin, director of the Williamson Gallery. “This is an exhibition about the newly unknown.”

The exhibits sound pretty surreal: a room-sized clock made of spheres that play distorted and delayed noises (apparently to represent redshift), a laser light show that encodes all of the commands sent so far to the spitzer space telescope, and a giant fuzzy tunnel that is supposed to be a wormhole.

Sounds weird and awesome to me, kind of like our universe…