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21 October 2022

Novyi Svet: A large landslide in a landfill site in Russia

Novyi Svet: A large landslide in a landfill site in Russia On Thursday 20 October 2022 a large and notable landslide occurred at a landfill site in the village of Novyi Svet (Новый свет) in Gatchinsky, Russia (the village is at 59.559, 30.201).  Unsurprisingly in these troubled times this has not been reported in the western media, but it is an impressive failure. The Russian website has this image …


1 May 2020

Dona Juana: a large garbage landslide in Bogota

A large (c.60,000 cubic metre) and spectacular garbage landslide occurred at the Dona Juana landfill site in Bogota, Colombia on 28 April 2020.


7 February 2020

Zaldibar: a major garbage dump landslide in Spain yesterday

On 6 February 2020 at about 4 pm local time a significant garbage dump landslide occurred in the Ermua landfill at Zaldibar in the Basque region of Spain, leaving two people missing.


30 July 2019

Baikalsk: a horrifying example of a high risk waste storage facility in Russia

13 large waste storage ponds at Baikalsk, on the banks of Lake Baikal, appear to be exceptionally vulnerable to landslides and debris flows.


12 March 2018

Cadia Gold Mine – another tailings dam failure

On Friday a significant tailings dam failure occurred at the Cadia gold mine in Australia, causing production to be stopped. Fortunately, to date no release of tailings beyond the boundaries of the mine has occurred.


16 April 2017

The Meethotamulla garbage dump disaster in Sri Lanka

The Meethotamulla garbage dump in Colombo, Sri Lanka is now known to have killed at least 26 people. Images suggest this was a disaster waiting to happen.


17 March 2017

Koshe, Ethiopia: the worst garbage dump landslide in recent years

On Saturday 11th March a landslide at the Koshe garbage dump in Addis Ababa killed at least 115 people, most of them women and children


26 February 2017

Kakanj – an enormous mine waste landslide in Bosnia last Friday

On Friday an enormous landslide occurred in mine waste from the Kakanj coal mine in Bosnia, causing the evacuation of over 150 people.


27 November 2015

Who was to blame for the Hpakant jade mine landslide?

As rescue and recovery operations at the site of the Hpakant jade mine landslide in Burma cease, a war of words has broken out as to whose fault it was