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9 March 2021

Ebisu Circuit: an intriguing landslide caused by the 2021 Fukushima Earthquake

Ebisu Circuit: an intriguing, high mobility landslide in volcanic materials caused by the 2021 Fukushima Earthquake in Japan


17 December 2015

Volcano pressure guns show how rocks spew and eruptions ensue

The vinegar volcano is a stale science experiment. But Italian geologist Valeria Cigala takes the tired demonstration to a violent new level…


24 November 2015

Mariana: The Tectonic Neighborhood

This is the latest in a series of dispatches from scientists and education officers aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falkor. This November, scientists aboard the research vessel Falkor will aim to shed light on the Mariana Back-arc, which is expected to be teeming with activity and life. Over the course of their 27 day mission at sea they will explore the back-arc spreading center to find new sites of hydrothermal activity and to better understand the physical, chemical, and geological forces that shape biodiversity in these unique ecosystems. Read more posts here, and track the Falkor’s progress here.