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13 August 2021

Nalda: a valley-blocking landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India

Nalda: a valley-blocking landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India This morning (Friday 13 August 2021) a major landslide occurred near to the village of Nalda, in Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh, northern India, blocking the Chenab River.  The landslide event itself was captured in a video that has been posted to Youtube: [embed_video width=”800″ height=”600″][/embed_video] . The landslide has left a large barrier across the Chenab River close to …


21 June 2021

Melamchi: a landslide dam break flood in Nepal last week

Melamchi: a landslide dam break flood in Nepal on 14 June 2021 is reported to have killed up to 20 people and caused serious damage


13 May 2021

Chivay: another valley-blocking landslide in the Arequipa region of Peru

Chivay: on 9 May 2021 another valley-blocking landslide occurred in the Arequipa region of Peru. Operations are planned to drain the lake.


3 August 2020

Yigongxiang: a valley blocking debris flow in Tibet

In the high, remote mountains of Tibet a debris flow, possibly induced by recent seismic activity, has created a valley-blocking landslide dam


27 July 2020

Liujing Village: a large, ongoing valley-blocking landslide in Chongqing, China

A large, ongoing valley-blocking landslide has developed at Liujing Village in Chongqing, China, triggered by unusually intense monsoon rainfall


22 July 2020

Qingjiang River: an unusual valley-blocking landslide in Hubei Province, China

On 20 July 2020 a 10 million cubic metre landslide occurred in the Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei, China, blocking the Quinjiang River.


2 April 2019

Tsangpo gorge: a first analysis of landslides triggered by the 2017 Ms=6.9 Milin earthquake

A study has been published of landslides triggered by the 18th November 2017 Ms=6.9 earthquake in the Tsangpo Gorge area of Tibet


21 December 2018

The ancient Xuelongnang landslide in Tibet

The ancient, very large Xuelongnang rockslide and quake lake in Tibet, which was probably triggered by an earthquake 2100 years ago.


25 November 2018

Planet Labs SkySat image of the Yarlung Tsangpo valley-blocking landslide

Planet Labs have captured a high resolution Skysat image of the remains of the valley-blocking Yarlung Tsangpo landslide in Tibet


14 November 2018

Jinsha River landslide: breaching has started

Breaching has started at the Jinsha River landslide in Jomda, Tibet after a 240 metre long channel was excavated to release the water.


12 November 2018

A dangerous, valley-blocking landslide in Jomda County, Tibet

On the Tibet / Sichuan border a very large landslide has occurred in Jomda County, blocking the Jinsha River. A very large lake has formed, with a volume of 469 million cubic metres. Overtopping is expected to occur today.


22 March 2018

Wairoa: a significant valley-blocking landslide in New Zealand

A significant valley-blocking landslide has occurred near to Wairoa in New Zealand. The Mangapoike River is blocked and a lake estimated to be 50 m deep has formed


2 March 2018

More detail on the Papua New Guinea landslide dams

The European Space Agency satellite Sentinel 2 has collected good images of at least some of the Papua New Guinea landslide dams


17 November 2016

Hapuku River: a major landslide dam after the earthquake in New Zealand

A very large valley blocking landslide has occurred on the Hapuku River in New Zealand following the Kaikoura earthquake, creating a 150 m high dam


14 November 2016

First news of landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake sequence in New Zealand yesterday

Images are just starting to emerge of multiple large landslides triggered by the Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand yesterday.


5 October 2015

The seismically triggered landslide dam in Honshiyan, Yunnan, China: a review of a new paper

In a just published paper, Zhang et al. 2015 describe the emergency works undertaken to mitigate the seismically triggered landslide dam at Honshiyan, Yunnan in China in 2014.