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5 April 2022

Mount Bolu: an interesting case study of a tunnel portal landslide in Turkey

Mount Bolu: an interesting case study of a tunnel portal landslide that blocked a major highway in Turkey on 3 April 2022


6 October 2021

Heishui: a rockslide at a tunnel portal in Sichuan Province, China

An interesting and potentially very dangerous rockslide was caught on video in Heishui, in Sichuan Province in China. Fortunately there were no casualties.


5 October 2020

The Jimei landslide: inducing reactivation of an ancient failure through tunneling

In a new paper in the Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Wang et al. (2020) describe the impact of a tunnel on the ancient Jimie landslide in China


16 April 2020

The collapse of the Dehdasht-Pataveh tunnel portal in Iran

Two interesting new landslide videos – a slump in residual soil and the collapse of the Dehdasht – Pataveh tunnel portal in Iran


5 June 2016

Three interesting new landslide videos – Colombia, Hechi in China and Anatolia in Turkey

Three new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube: a road slope collapse from Hechi in China, a quarry landslide in Anatolia in Turkey & the collapse of a slope by a tunnel portal in Colombia


5 April 2016

Heavy rainfall brings extensive landsliding to Kohistan and other parts of northern Pakistan

Heavy rainfall in northern Pakistan has triggered multiple landslides and rockfalls, including a major failure in Kohistan that may have killed 38 people in addition to many landslides on the Karakoram Highway