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8 June 2020

All the ways you can share your science online via Sharing Science

By Shane M Hanlon In-person communication is not happening right now. There’s no other/nicer/softer way to put it. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t communicate your science. We in Sharing Science and AGU more broadly have slew of ways you can scicomm via different mediums and with a whole range of time investment. So, ranked from least amount of time to the most, here is our comprehensive list of …


23 May 2019

Take your lab to the ocean!

Calling all Ocean Scientists: with World Oceans Day fast approaching, and in celebration of AGU’s Centennial, we want to highlight the experiences you and your teams have out in the field!


5 April 2018

Like our Instagram? You’ll love our Tumblr!

By Shane M. Hanlon As some of you might be aware, we have a (freaking awesome) Instagram account that features many of our scientists showing us their field sites, labs, outreach activities, etc. (if you’re not aware, you should really check it out). In addition to Instagram, we like to feature scientists in the field via our Postcards from the Field campaign through our  Tumblr account. where scientists share stories and photos from their …


12 May 2016

Drawn to Geoscience

Ever wondered what it takes to communicate science through drawing? Our own JoAnna Wendel can help guide the way.


22 January 2016

Sketch Your Science on Tumblr!

By Shane M. Hanlon If you attended Fall Meeting this year or followed AGU on social media, you may have noticed some hand-drawn depictions of scientists’ research. We asked scientists at the meeting to draw their research through our #sketchyourscience campaign.   Ever imagined your research as a piece of art? Well then #SketchYourScience at #AGU15! — Am Geophysical Union (@theAGU) December 16, 2015   We created a …


19 January 2016

Submit your Postcards from the Field!

By Shane M. Hanlon In mid-2014 we launched our Postcards from the Field campaign through our shiny-new Tumblr account where we asked you to share stories and photos from your field experiences. From the hundreds of postcards that have been submitted, we have learned about research from every continent and both poles. We’ve also created calendars from postcard images voted on by our members and the public. It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re in the …