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31 October 2022

Kusiong village in the Philippines: perception vs reality for hazard events

At least 20 people were killed by a mudslide at Kusiong village in the Philippines on Thursday, triggered by Severe Tropical Storm Nalgae. The local people had been drilled to prepare for a storm surge, so sheltered upslope, where they were killed by a mudslide.


3 May 2022

The Pilar landslide in the Philippines

Planet have captured a high resolution satellite image of the Pilar landslide in the Philippines, which killed 53 people during Tropical Storm Megi.


12 April 2022

Landslides from Tropical Depression Agaton (Megi) in the Philippines

On Sunday 10 April 2022 Tropical Depression Agaton tracked across Leyte in the Philippines, triggering multiple landslides in the Baybay area