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1 January 2020

Oz is Burning Like Never Before; Smoke Extends 3000 km Across New Zealand!

  The deadly bushfires in Australia have now crossed into the new year and the smoke from the fires has crossed over 1700 km to New Zealand. These fires are now the worst on record and also the deadliest. Look at the image below from the Tasman Glacier on the South Island in New Zealand. The sky is thick with smoke and there are many reports that you can even …


29 June 2015

Smoke From Canada Fires Turns Skies Orange Across the Plains

Raging wildfires in Western Canada have spread smoke over much of the northern/central U.S. this evening. The plume of smoke now extends over 2000 km, and it will likely move into the Eastern U.S. over the next few days, with the summer blue skies turning a milky white. You can see what the smoke looks like from Fargo, ND here. Very dry conditions coupled with recent extreme heat have caused …


8 May 2015

Sub-Tropical Storm Ana Taking on Tropical Storm Characteristics

Pretty cool shot no? NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly took that photo on-board the ISS. Here is a view (below) from this afternoon from the NASA Aqua satellite (just a little higher up from the ISS). If the convection can wrap around the center, this system may become mainly a tropical cyclone. It appears to be a hybrid storm as of now. Satellite images this afternoon indicate that it is taking …


13 April 2015

Spring Marches North: The View from Space

This is from the NASA Aqua satellite. You can see the green of spring moving into Virginia, while snow remains in the Adirondacks. High resolution, color imagery from polar orbiting satellites allows folks like me to better tell the story of our planet to our TV audience and to our online viewers as well.  


2 April 2015

The California Drought from Space

The animated GIF image below shows the snow pack on the Sierra on April 3 2013, and today April 2, 2015. Keep in mind that California was in serious drought even in 2013 but it’s a whole lot worse now.


6 March 2015

True Color View from NASA of a Snowy Northeast

This is from the NASA Terra Satellite today March 6, 2015. Click for a size large enough to print.  


15 May 2014

Can You Think Like A Forecaster??

  Any ideas?? Pretend you’re a forecaster, and you need to make a short term forecast for the area I have delineated. Will you forecast it to stay clear? I’ll post the answer below tomorrow! Fellow meteorologists, you are NOT allowed to guess! (you should immediately know the answer!).   Answer below, but think about it for a few mins. What could have been happening before. What kindof clouds are …


30 December 2013

Icy Shots From Space

How can you tell the difference between white clouds and white snow on a satellite image?? Rivers don’t run through clouds! Study the image from the Aqua satellite today above and you will see what i mean. Speaking of satellite images of icy cold, the folks at CIMMS at the Uni. of Wisconsin posted the animated gif below showing ice forming on Lake Michigan. Speaking of ice, I had a …