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10 October 2018

Smoke from wildfires has cooling effect on water temperatures

Smoke generated by wildfires can cool river and stream water temperatures by reducing solar radiation and cooling air temperatures, according to a new study in California’s Klamath River Basin. A new study published in Water Resources Research, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, suggests smoke-induced cooling has the potential to benefit aquatic species that require cool water to survive because high summer water temperatures are a major factor contributing to population declines, and wildfires are more likely to occur during the warmest and driest time of year.  


5 September 2017

Fire and Rain, and a Whole Lot of Wind

Big Trouble Coming Irma has become a real monster today with sustained winds at 185 mph. Only one hurricane is known that was stronger. This storm reminds me of the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 with 200 mph wind gusts in the Florida Keys. A reminder, when looking at the NHC track forecasts, you should ignore the center line and focus on the cone, which is based on the average forecast …


30 August 2016

Wildfire smoke hacks clouds

Plumes of wildfire smoke envelop and alter clouds, potentially affecting local weather, according to new research based on serendipitous airborne measurements of clouds in smoke from Canadian fires. The new data confirms clouds embedded in smoke are likely to warm up the atmosphere around clouds, causing the clouds to dissipate faster.


29 June 2015

Smoke From Canada Fires Turns Skies Orange Across the Plains

Raging wildfires in Western Canada have spread smoke over much of the northern/central U.S. this evening. The plume of smoke now extends over 2000 km, and it will likely move into the Eastern U.S. over the next few days, with the summer blue skies turning a milky white. You can see what the smoke looks like from Fargo, ND here. Very dry conditions coupled with recent extreme heat have caused …


7 August 2014

Wildfire Smoke Dims Sun Over Eastern U.S. and Canada

Dense wildfire smoke (from forest fires in Canada) has once again moved into the NE U.S. The smoke is bringing a hazy sky this evening to the Eastern Great Lakes, and across NY and into Maryland,Virginia, and Delaware. The smoke was brought southward by the cool front that passed through last night. A closer view of the smoke is below: Click the images above for a much larger version. The …


25 July 2014

Wildfire Smoke Reaches New York and Ontario

The wildfires from Washington and western/northern Canada continue to send a shroud of dense smoke to areas thousands of miles away. It’s been an almost autumn like afternoon over the Northeast U.S., and here in Maryland we have a deep blue sky with low humidity. No deep blue sky to our north however, where a dense layer of smoke covers southern Canada and New England. Below is the temperature anomalies …


20 August 2013

Smoke From Idaho Fires Spreads Over Much Of The Plains

The fires keep burning, and at low sun angles you can easily see how widespread the smoke is. Much of the Great Plains has a layer of smoke now. This is likely holding daytime temps. down a degree or two, and perhaps more in some areas. Click the image below for a higher resolution view. Image is from the GOES East.