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19 April 2017

Science: “An Exercise in Finding What’s True”

Neil de Grasse Tyson’s video below is a must watch. His quote that “Science in an entire exercise in finding what is true”, is similar to another quote that I’ve often repeated from Richard Feynman: “Science is what we do to keep from lying to ourselves.” Watch the video and then share it.


9 March 2014

In Honor of Cosmos Tonight, NASA Releases A New Set of Images on Flickr

Take a look! You can see the on FLICKR in higher resolution HERE.


POTUS To Introduce COSMOS Two Sunday Night

I hear that the President will introduce the first episode. I saw this quote from Carl Sagan on Google Plus last week, and it is more true now than when wrote it. There does seem to be a growing segment in America that looks as ignorance as an attractive lifestyle choice. A far cry from the days of Gemini and Apollo as I was growing up. In those days, Texas …