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4 August 2022

The 26 July 2016 landslide at Fushun west pit in China

On 26 July 2016 a 3.1 million cubic metre landslide occurred at a high wall coal mine at Fushun in China, causing extensive damage. The failure is documented in a new paper (Sun et al. 2022) in the journal Landslides.


3 August 2022

The 2 December 2020 Beach Road Landslide in Haines, Alaska

A new open access paper (Darrow et al. 2022) describes the 2 December 2020 Beach Road landslide in Haines, Alaska, which killed two people.


6 June 2022

The 10 June 2021 debris flows at Wuxie in Zhejiang, China

On 10 June 2021 an extreme rainstorm triggered over 100 landslides, including a set of devastating debris flows, in the Wuxie scenic area in Zhejiang Province in China.


1 June 2022

Multiple landslides at Mibei village in Guangdong during heavy rainfall in 2019

A paper just published in Landslides (Feng et al 2021) describes 327 landslides triggered by intense rainfall in June 2019 around Mibie village, Guangdong Province in China.


20 May 2022

The Mount Popa debris avalanche

About 8,000 years ago a massive landslide occurred on the flank of Mount Popa in Myanmar. The landslide, which had a volume of about 1.3 cubic kilometres, travelled about 11 km from the crater of the volcano.


7 April 2022

The long term history of fatal landslides in Colombia

In a paper just published in the journal Landslides (Garcia-Delgado, Petley et al. 2022), we have examined the history of fatal landslides in Colombia. The results are quite surprising.


22 February 2022

Increased landslide activity after low-magnitude earthquakes

A new study has found increased landslide activity in the months after the low-magnitude 2018 Molise earthquake in Italy


18 January 2022

Arhavi, Turkey: the appalling landslide impacts of new roads

Arhavi, Turkey: a new paper in the Journal Natural Hazards (Tanyaş et al. 2022) shows that landslide impacts of new roads can be comparable to that of a medium sized earthquake


2 November 2021

The Tonghua landslide in Sichuan Province, China

According to a new paper in the journal Landslides (Cheng, Yang and Du 2021), the 220,000 cubic metre 2017 Tonghua landslide in Sichuan Province, China was triggered by nearby blasting during tunnel construction.


13 October 2021

The Chgega landslide in Tunisia

The remarkable Chgega landslide in northern Tunisia consists of a block of limestone 900 m long and 400 m wide that is sliding on an underlying layer of clays and marls


18 May 2021

The Kara-Bogaz-Gol megaslide: the world’s largest active landslide?

A new paper in the journal Scientific Reports (Aslan et al. 2021) describes the actively moving Kara-Bogaz-Gol megaslide in Kazakhstan. At 10 cubic kilometres this is the largest active landslide described to date.


8 April 2021

InSAR as a wide area landslide detection tool

Shuicheng County in Guizhou Province in China: InSAR as a wide area landslide detection tool


17 November 2017

Detecting landslide precursors from space

Review of a paper:- detecting landslide precursors from space: the use of Sentinel images to interpret the Maoxian landslide in June 2017


9 October 2017

Lahars: an analysis of their role in losses from volcanic eruptions

A new paper from the University of Bristol (Brown et al. 2017) demonstrates the role that lahars play in causing loss of life in volcanic events


12 September 2017

Increasing rock avalanche size and mobility in Alaska may be associated with climate change

A new paper (Coe et al. 2017) strongly suggests that the cluster of 24 rock avalanches since 1984 in S. Alaska may be associated with rock permafrost degradation


31 August 2017

The Maca landslide: a large, slow-moving slide in Peru

In an article this week in Nature, Jane Palmer describes the Maca landslide, a 60 million cubic metre slow-moving slide in Peru


20 August 2017

Dynamic analysis of the Oso landslide – a contribution by Oldrich Hungr and colleagues

In one of his last contributions, a paper by Oldrich Hungr and his colleagues provides a dynamic analysis of the 2014 Oso landslide, which killed 43 people


20 March 2017

La Pintada landslide in Mexico: a new paper that links the slide and the cultural history

In a paper just published in Landslides, Alcántara-Ayala et al. (2017) link the La Pintada landslide in Mexico to ancient rock carvings found in the area


22 February 2017

The 170 km/h Sanxicun landslide in Sichuan Province, China

In 2013 the catastrophic Sanxicun landslide in Sichuan Province in China killed 166 people. A new paper suggests that it reached a peak velocity of 170 km/h


21 February 2017

Mega-landslides as a vehicle for colonisation of distant islands

In a paper just published in the Journal of Biogeography, the authors propose that landslides play a key role in the transport of species between islands