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8 September 2016

PhD opportunity: A platform for regional scale earthquake induced landslide hazard assessment

Dr Chris Massey at GNS Science has an interesting PhD opportunity entitled: “A Platform for Regional-Scale Earthquake-induced Landslide Hazard Assessment”


19 November 2014

Teaching Professional Skills… what exactly is a “Doctor of Philosophy”?

True story… student walks in to a faculty member’s office, sees the diploma hanging above her desks and comments, “Wow! For someone that has a degree in philosophy, you certainly know oceanography really well!” What can we learn from this and teach students when they see our diplomas that state we have a “Doctor of Philosophy”?


16 December 2011

Thesis Defense!

Today is my PhD thesis defense! Let me just note how weird it is to write that. In any case, once I have recovered from all of the snake fighting, I am planning to get back into the habit of posting more often, beginning with some thoughts on grad school and advice for those still muddling through or just starting. Stay tuned!