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10 September 2021

Landslides from the 7 September 2021 M=7.1 Guerrero earthquake in Mexico

Images of landslides from the 7 September 2021 M=7.1 Guerrero earthquake in Mexico


24 October 2019

The social impact of landslides in Mexico

Landslides in Mexico: a new study (Diaz et al, 2019) shows that landslides have caused at least 3447 fatalities since 1935.


19 February 2018

78 seconds of Earthquake Early Warning

Late on Friday afternoon, February 16, during the Chinese New Year street fair in la Ciudad de México, the tight hold between the North America and Cocos plates failed, the fault slipped, and the Pacific coast of Oaxaca lurched around a meter out toward the ocean. Within six seconds, the profound ripple this let loose through the crust heaved the Huazolotitlán seismic recording station westward as well, followed shortly by …


5 February 2018

Tijuana: a major landslide has destroyed 70 houses.

Last week a major landslide badly damaged the community of Lomas del Rubi in Tijuana in Mexico, destroying 70 houses. A new housing subdivision is under construction at the foot of the slope. There are suspicions that this may have been the trigger.


26 September 2017

El Jale, Ixtapaluca: a stunning earthquake triggered landslide video from Mexico

A stunning video has been posted to Youtube showing landslides at El Jale, Ixtapaluca, Mexico City, triggered by the earthquake on 19th September 201


19 September 2017

Potential landslides from the M=7.1 earthquake at Raboso, Mexico on 19th September 2017

The M=7.1 earthquake at Raboso on 19th September has the potential to have triggered significant numbers of landslides over a wide area


20 March 2017

La Pintada landslide in Mexico: a new paper that links the slide and the cultural history

In a paper just published in Landslides, Alcántara-Ayala et al. (2017) link the La Pintada landslide in Mexico to ancient rock carvings found in the area


2 November 2015

A roundup of new landslide videos

A round up of new landslide videos that have appeared on Youtube in the last fortnight, with examples from Switzerland, Mexico and Pakistan