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25 October 2018

Sols 2211-2212: Getting Back into the Science Swing of Things!

While we are working toward understanding and recovering from the anomaly, Curiosity is slowly ramping back up into normal science operations.


28 October 2017

Sol 1856-1857: Take two (almost)!

After Monday’s communications hiccup (detailed here) that prevented us from uplinking our two-sol plan to Curiosity, today we’re hoping to redo most of what we had in Monday’s plan.


28 March 2012

LPSC 2012 Highlights: Tuesday – Mars Hydrology and Climate

On the second day of this year’s Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, two of the most interesting talks that I saw were back to back in the morning session about planetary hydrology.


27 March 2012

LPSC 2012 Highlights – Masursky Lecture

Well folks, I’m back from another successful LPSC! I am going to approach my recap differently this time: instead of an attempt to exhaustively list talks that I found interesting, I’m just going to do a few posts about key highlights, starting with the Masursky lecture by Jim Head about the history of the Martian climate. I thought Jim’s talk was a great summary of the state of our understanding of the evolution of the climate on Mars, and I will do my best to summarize it here.


19 March 2011

LPSC 2011: Day 2 – Cryospheres, Carbon, and Methane Skepticism

More on the cryosphere of Mars, along with some speculation about martian carbonates and skepticism about the presence of methane in the martian atmosphere.


16 March 2011

LPSC 2011 – Day 1: Cryospheres and Making Moons

Greetings from Texas, loyal readers! As you may have noticed, this year’s Lunar and Planetary Science Conference came and went with barely a peep here on the blog. This is because, unlike some members of the planetary science community, I do need to sleep occasionally, and I spent almost all of my time at LPSC either in sessions or working on my never-ending paper. Yeah, remember the one that I …