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1 July 2022

In Case You Were Wondering About This…

In case you were wondering… IF Bonnie has a recognizable circulation (Tropical Depression), into the Pacific, and then regenerates, the name Bonnie will continue to be used by the National Hurricane Center. If it falls apart to a disturbance, and then regenerates, then a Pacific cyclone name will be assigned. I must say, this makes scientific sense and it is something that comes up, although rarely. Since the mid-1800’s, only …


3 September 2021

Landslides from the 14 August 2021 earthquake in Haiti

Landslides triggered by the 14 August 2021 earthquake in Haiti


16 December 2020

Highlights from Tuesday 15 Dec. at #AGU20

If you missed some sessions from Tuesday, 15 December, don’t worry – you can check them out, along with all other sessions, on demand until 15 February.


11 November 2020

The Queja landslide: Planet Labs imagery

The Queja landslide in Guatemala: Planet Labs have now been able to capture satellite images of the site of the disaster


9 November 2020

San Cristobal Verapaz: the deadly landslide in Guatemala triggered by Hurricane Eta

San Cristobal Verapaz: the deadly landslide in Guatemala triggered by Hurricane Eta that destroyed the village of Queja


6 November 2020

Hurricane Eta: dozens killed by landslides in Central America

Hurricane Eta: news reports indicate that dozens of people have been killed by landslides in Central America, with at least 50 deaths in Guatemala alone


31 July 2020

Hurricane Isaias Will Be Wetter and Stronger Because of Climate Change

Hurricane Warnings were just posted for much of Central/South Florida, from the Kennedy Space Center southward to Boca Raton and it looks more and more likely that Isaias will track near the coastline as far north as Delaware. Make no mistake about it, the storm will be worse because of climate change in a myriad of ways. The storm surge and any coastal flooding will be higher because the sea …


10 December 2019

Property values plummeted and stayed down after Hurricane Ike

Texas homes that took the biggest hit in value after 2008’s Hurricane Ike were, surprisingly, not those within historic flood zones, new research finds. Instead, they were homes just outside these zones, where damage affected whole neighborhoods, driving property value down for years, according to a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill who presented the findings this week at AGU’s Fall Meeting 2019 in San Francisco.


10 September 2019

NWS Director and Chief Science Officer at NOAA Back NWS Hurricane Tweet; Who Wrote NOAA Friday Statement??

In a (not really) surprising turn of events, Monday, the Director of the National Weather Service Louis Uccinelli and NOAA’s chief science officer publicly backed a tweet issued by the NWS office in Birmingham on Sept. 1st. That tweet (which was scientifically accurate) told residents that Hurricane Dorian would not be a threat to Alabama. It was posted after their phones melted with rumors that Alabama would be hit much …


24 May 2019

Another Climate Change Surprise?

What worries me most about our reckless experiment with the planet’s thermostat is not the predictions of sea level rise and the changes in rainfall patterns etc. What we’d better not ignore are the surprises and there are sure to be many of them. Some new research out this month hints at what might be a big one. Synoptic meteorologists (like me) have gotten much better at forecasting the track …


22 April 2019

New research explains why Hurricane Harvey intensified immediately before landfall

A new study explains the mechanism behind Hurricane Harvey’s unusual intensification off the Texas coast and how the finding could improve future hurricane forecasting.


12 February 2019

Mediterranean hurricanes expected to increase in strength by end of century

Hurricane-strength storms in the Mediterranean could hit the region with increasing power by the end of the 21st century, growing to robust Category 1 strength, according to a new study in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters.


11 February 2019

Hurricane Maria: a first analysis of landsliding in Puerto Rico

Detailed analysis by the USGS and others shows that Hurricane Maria triggered at least 40,000 landslides in Puerto Rico in 2017


13 September 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut, Hurricane Florence and the earthquake in Hokkaido

In a short space of time, Typhoon Mangkhut, Hurricane Florence and the earthquake in Hokkaido all have the potential to generate large numbers of landslides


Florence Update

Here is an update on Hurricane Florence. It’s my 11 PM Weathercast Wednesday night on WBOC, here on the Delmarva/Eastern Shore of Maryland. I started with a comparison of the same storm in the 1960’s and how the water levels/storm surge would be different today.  Rainfall guidance over the next 84 hours is showing as much as 27 inches (68.6 CM) of rainfall in some areas with over 30 …


8 September 2018

If You Live On The Eastern Seaboard, It’s Time To Worry About Florence

I’ve been pretty quiet here about the tropics this week and for good reason. Long range weather model forecasts are (as John Nance Garner described the office of Vice President) not worth a bucket of warm spit. In addition, tropical cyclones, at the position of Florence earlier in the week, have historically curved north and in only a couple of cases been a threat to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. So yes, it …


3 September 2018

The Tropical Atlantic is Starting To Bubble

The tropics are getting more active now. An old forecaster saying is  “there’s almost always a hurricane on Atlantic weather map on Labor Day. We have Tropical Storm Florence in the far west Atlantic and a possible developing depression near Florida on this Labor day 2018. Both of which will need to be watched. It looks like the switch has been turned on in the Atlantic Basin as a more …


30 October 2017

USGS mapping of landslide density for failures triggered by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

The USGS has now published provisional maps of landslide density for failures triggered by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico


16 October 2017

UK and Ireland Smacked Hard By Ophelia

My close friends in Wales report the “wheely bins” are all over the place. The obs at Dublin airport show winds have gusted to right at 60 mph during the afternoon and evening, and on Anglesey, in Wales the winds reach 65 mph! Here is a view fo the storm from the Meteosat (ctsy Univ. of Dundee’s downlink station). FYI: Ophelia is no longer a hurricane. As it moved over the much …


5 October 2017

Hurricane Maria: USGS landslide impact maps from Puerto Rico reveal the extent of the devastation

The USGS has started to release maps of landslide impacts in Puerto Rico that have resulted from Hurricane Maria. The damage level is very high.