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14 February 2021

#ScienceValentines – 2021 Edition

However you approach Valentine’s Day, at AGU we like to take the opportunity to celebrate scientific disciplines (and puns). 


20 August 2017

Sol 1793: It’s Always Sunny in Gale Crater

Not to be overshadowed by other goings on in the solar system, we planned a full day of activities for Curiosity on Monday.


28 December 2013

Lol My Thesis

After seeing “” come through my Twitter feed twice in one day, I knew this was a site I had to check out.  The website is very simple, “summing up years of work in one sentence.”  The About page states that the site was started by an undergraduate student looking for a way to distract herself from her own thesis.  The site contains a collection of one-sentence summaries from undergraduate …


16 December 2013

More than your (past) employer may see what you post on Twitter

This is great: this pub just fired the head chef but forgot he was running their twitter: — James Bloodworth (@J_Bloodworth) December 16, 2013 As a personal rule, I do not follow any of my students on Twitter (even if current students follow me), unless they are doing undergraduate research projects with me (I find Twitter a great way to connect with them, especially when we are at conferences, …


25 November 2013

Is a parody copyright infringement or fair use?

Trending these days is the GoldieBlox video, a clever video with three young girls that set up their own Rube Goldberg machine, showing that girls are just as smart and clever with innovative design and curiosity.  And the background music is just a clever, a re-do of the Beastie Boys song “Girls,” recorded with younger voices and new girl-friendly lyrics. GoldieBox video (unfortunately, the original video has been taken down …


18 January 2013

Using a very strong light to study rock number four

To jump on the bandwagon, here is my research, described using only the 1000 most common English words. It would have been nice if “Mars” and “Laser” and “Robot” were available:


17 January 2013

The Up-Goer Five text editor – explaining my geoscience research

Although it’s a crazy-busy day today, I couldn’t resist taking this challenge that came across my Twitter feed! For the full explanation, please visit the Highly Allochthonous blog posting on Explaining geoscience using only the 10 hundred most common words….


8 August 2012

Introducing ChemRex!

I neglected to mention one important development from yesterday. On landing night, after I had finished freaking out about our successful safe landing, I noticed that fellow ChemCam post-doc Nina Lanza was wearing a very special ChemCam shirt with this on the front: As a big fan of lasers and dinosaurs (my favorite toys as a kid were DinoRiders), I had to ask about it. Apparently Nina had made an …


3 August 2012

MSL: Mars Action Hero

You know, I’m tired of hearing about how the Mars Exploration Rovers are so cute, and spunky, but their successor Mars Science Lab is big and ugly. MSL isn’t supposed to be cute, it’s supposed to be awesome.

Just how awesome, you ask? I’ll tell you how awesome.


5 Ways Landing on Mars is like Having a Baby

As we draw closer and closer to Curiosity’s landing, I can’t help but think that there are some important similarities between landing on Mars and having a baby. Before you ask: no, I don’t actually know what it is like to have a kid. For that matter, I also have never experienced the landing of a Mars mission that I have been involved with. But in both cases, I know enough …


27 October 2011

Occupy Science!

A collection of space and planetary-themed parodies of the 99% movement, including a couple that I made myself!


26 September 2011

Tweeting Haiku

This 2010 NPR story titled Haiku Takes To Twitter, 140 Characters At A Time and 2009 NPR story titled Twitterers Message by Haiku remind me of my own haiku/Twitter experience earlier this year. I even created a Storify about it,…


15 September 2011

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Red Dust’ Album About Mars

The geniuses at The Onion have come up with a brilliant article about Bruce Springsteen releasing a Mars sci-fi themed album.