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18 January 2023

Joshimath: new InSAR analysis sheds light on active deformation

Joshimath: a new InSAR analysis sheds light on active deformation over the last few months and the last few weeks


17 January 2023

Joshimath – continued development of the landslide

There are clear indications of continued development of the landslide at Joshimath, with damage now reported for 849 buildings


13 January 2023

Joshimath: ISRO InSAR data reveals the scale of the issue

Joshimath: InSAR data published yesterday by the ISRO has started to reveal the scale of the landslide issue in northern India.


10 February 2021

Hydroelectric power, dams and landslides in the Himalayas (and in other high mountain areas)

Hydroelectric power, dams and the growing list of landslide accidents in the Himalayas (and in other high mountain areas)


26 May 2020

Punatsangchhu I: identifying ancient landslides in high mountain areas

A new paper published in Scientific Reports (Dini et al. 2020), and thus open access, uses InSAR to show movements of a large slope adjacent to the under construction Punatsangchhu I dam in Bhutan


31 July 2019

Decades-old pollutants melting out of Himalayan glaciers

New research in AGU’s Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres finds chemicals used in pesticides that have been accumulating in glaciers and ice sheets around the world since the 1940s are being released as Himalayan glaciers melt as a result of climate change.


26 February 2019

Two interesting new landslide videos from the Himalayas

Heavy rainfall and snow over the Himalayas in recent days has triggered extensive landslides, with many roads being blocked.


2 October 2018

Tracking exploding ice cracks on Himalayan glaciers

In 2017, Evgeny Podolskiy spent more than a week trekking through the Nepalese Himalayas to test the seismic activity of the Trakarding-Trambau Glacier system. In October, the research team and a group of sherpas and porters traveled to an open, debris-free glacier about five kilometers (3.1 miles) above sea level, in full view of Mount Everest.


31 July 2017

Saldim Peak in Nepal: a glacial flood that was actually caused by a giant rockslide

Saldim Peak in Nepal: new analyses suggest that the 20th April 2017 glacial flood that was actually caused by a giant rockslide


16 May 2016

New videos for Monday morning: an earth mover get caught in a landslide and a debris flow from the Himalayas

Two new videos have appeared on Youtube, one showing an earthmover destroyed by a landslide and the other a Himalayan debris flow


21 August 2015

Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara: a highly unusual landslide (with a highly unusual video)

On 18th August a boulder smashed into the Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara in Himachal Pradesh, India, killing 7 people. There is amazing CCTV footage of the event.