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11 May 2016

Does membership in an organization “matter” anymore?

Many organizations (dare I suggest all?) are going back and examining the value of membership and what that offers. Engaging students and the Millennials that make up the majority of the workforce (now surpassing Generation X) takes a different approach.


4 November 2015

What does it mean to be a “Fellow” of a professional organization?

When I told my undergraduate students that I was off to a conference and would recognized as a society fellow – I was met by blank stares. So for my students, and for all other students that have no idea what it means to be a “fellow” – this post is for you!


27 October 2014

The IAGD: making geology accessible to all

The IAGD mission is to improve access to the geosciences for individuals with disabilities and promote communities of research, instruction and student support. There is no need to wait to become a member of this organization that led its first accessible fieldtrip one week ago at GSA.