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13 December 2022

The Gaguney landslide in India: evolution over time

The Gaguney landslide in India: images from Google Earth and Planet Labs allow analysis of the evolution over time of a damaging failure


24 April 2022

Voicemails from the JR – what would we say?

This project has not only been a fun way for me to document our expedition, but it also records the voices of ship participants and their actual feelings at the moment – the excitement, the frustration, the sadness.. all of it authentic and in their own voice.


18 April 2022

Tracking ocean expeditions while at sea with Google Earth

For those that head off to do fieldwork, especially on the ocean, I encourage you to think about creating your own Google Earth file with daily updates to keep other engaged and informed about your work.


6 July 2021

The source zone of the Atami landslide

News reports and archive Google Earth imagery indicate that the Atami landslide might have occurred on manmade slope


10 November 2020

The Queja landslide at San Cristobal Verapaz: drone footage of the aftermath

The Queja landslide at San Cristobal Verapaz: drone footage is now available of the aftermath of the deadly landslide in Guatemala.


21 January 2020

Where On (Google) Earth #603

Last week, in a moment of random thought, I suggested reviving our beloved Where On Google Earth (#WOGE). @i_rockhopper got to work right away restarting the contest, and I tracked down the image, thus earning myself the right to host the next and an hour of handicap according to the Schott Rule. Here’s your next challenge in this geoscience reverse image search!


25 July 2019

The site of the Pingdi landslide, in Shiucheng County, China

Planet Labs satellite images suggest that the road across the Pingdi landslide in China, which killed about 45 people this week, was widened with cut slopes in the months before the failure


5 July 2019

The Aizawl landslide: evidence from Google Earth of slope modification

Google Earth images suggest that the Aizawl landslide this week, which killed three people, occurred on a slope that had been cut during construction


18 April 2017

The Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan: amazing new Google Earth imagery

Fantastic Google Earth imagery is now available of the site of the Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which was captured so memorably on video last year


9 January 2017

Fast-forward your volcano

Remember a couple of months ago when Google Earth Timelapse got updated? I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at it back then, but I’ve taken it for a spin since then and – being a volcanologist – decided to look at volcanoes. And it turned out to be a lot of fun.


4 February 2016

Landslides near Muzaffarabad from the 2005 Kashmir earthquake

The 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan triggered large numbers of landslides. Google Earth imagery illustrates their dramatic impacts


28 January 2016

Google Earth imagery of the Tbilisi landslide and flood

In June 2015 the Tbilisi landslide and flood disaster killed 19 people in Georgia. Google Earth imagery is now available of the site


24 October 2014

California quake aftermath seen from above

As Northern Californians picked up the pieces and cooled their nerves on the afternoon of August 24th, just hours after being jostled or lurched from bed by the 3:20am magnitude 6.0 South Napa quake, a satellite an aircraft whizzing by overhead snapped a shot of the scene. Check out some of these remarkable scenes within it that show damage, response, and recovery. The image is now visible in Google Earth, and in Google Maps on …


16 March 2014

Taking Google Earth beyond the “dirt”

In 2006, oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle had a conversation with the Google Earth and Maps director that set our Google views on an exciting path forward.  Dr. Earle stated (in her words from a blog post): “You should call Google Earth ‘Google Dirt’. What about the ¾ of the planet that is blue?”  Zip forward to February 2009, when Google launched Ocean in Google Earth which now allows us to …


14 November 2010

New Panoramic Photos in Google Earth

Google LatLong has announced that there is a new layer in Google Earth titled “Photos.” From their description, it seems that the Panoramio and layers have been merged into this new one. However, 360Cities is still present under the…