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12 July 2021

The cause of the Petobo landslide from the 28 September 2019 Palu-Donggala Indonesia earthquake

A new paper in Landslides explores the cause of the Petobo landslide from the 28 September 2019 Palu-Donggala Indonesia earthquake


18 February 2020

Further information about the Tylorstown landslide

Images of the Tylorstown landslide show that it was a rotational landslide in coal waste that transitioned into a flowslide.


10 April 2019

GEER report on the Palu landslides

GEER has published a report on the Palu-Donggala landslides, triggered by the 28 September 2018 Mw=7.5 Palu earthquake in Indonesia


27 September 2017

Heifangtai terrace: spectacular loess flowslides in Gansu Province, China

In a new paper in the journal Engineering Geology, Qi et al. (2017) describe spectacular loess landslides from the Heifangtai terrace in China


2 May 2017

Ayu in Osh, Kyrgyzstan: a large landslide has killed 24 people, and another large flowslide in Uzgen region

Two large landslides occurred in Kyrgystan this weekend. One, at Ayu in Osh, killed 24 people whilst the other, in Uzgen region, appears to be highly mobile


28 April 2017

The Oso landslide: a new paper on the material properties and failure mechanism

A new paper examines both the materials and the mechanisms of the 2014 Oso landslide, and proposes a new model that fits all of the available evidence


18 April 2017

The Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan: amazing new Google Earth imagery

Fantastic Google Earth imagery is now available of the site of the Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which was captured so memorably on video last year


11 November 2016

St-Luc-de-Vincennes: a spectacular quick clay (?) slide in Quebec

A spectacular and dramatic landslide at St-Luc-de-Vincennes in Quebec, Canada yesterday has the hallmarks of a quick clay slide


21 October 2016

The Aberfan victims and survivors

The Aberfan victims and survivors Today is the 50th anniversary of Aberfan, an event that will be commemorated both at the site and across the United Kingdom.  It is of course a day to remember the Aberfan victims, the majority of whom were children and teachers at the Pantglas Junior School, and to hear accounts of the survivors.  Those lost are remembered in a simple memorial garden at Aberfan, with …


20 October 2016

The Aberfan tragedy – what happened next?

Events after the Aberfan tragedy are remarkable. The Tribunal robustly criticised the National Coal Board for their behaviour during the proceedings, but they still extracted £150,000 from the disaster fund to clean up their own mess


19 October 2016

Aberfan: The National Coal Board failures part 2

The official Tribunal for the Aberfan disaster strongly criticised the National Board for their failure to manage water in the spoil tip that failed


17 October 2016

The Aberfan Disaster: a simple guide to what happened

A simple guide to what happened on the day of the Aberfan disaster, which killed 144 people, most of them children, 50 years ago this week


7 October 2016

Landslides in Art Part 28: Cantata Memoria – in memory of the Aberfan Disaster

Cantata Memoria is a musical composition by Karl Jenkins, released today, in memory of the October 1966 Aberfan landslide disaster in South Wales,


8 June 2016

Copiah County: a fatal landslide accident in a gravel quarry

On Friday a landslide occurred in Copiah County in Mississippi, killing two workers. Recovery operations are proving to be difficult.


2 May 2016

The location of the Kyrgyzstan loess landslide, as caught on that amazing video

Using Google Earth it is possible to track down the location of the Kyrgyzstan loess landslide. This is an area with many similar landslides, some of which have also displayed high levels of mobility.


19 April 2016

Drone footage of the Kumamoto earthquake landslides

Drone footage and high quality images are now becoming available of the Kumamoto Earthquake landslides in Japan. In some cases the landslides appear to be remarkable.


22 December 2015

The Shenzhen, Guangdong landslide: a massive flowslide in construction waste

It is now clear that the Guangdong landslide was a flowslide from a huge pile of construction waste in a quarry about the industrial park.


24 November 2015

The Burma jade mine landslide disaster

The Burma jade mine landslide disaster on Friday was a massive flowslide that is now known to have killed over 110 people. The final toll may be about 200 people, most of them poor miners living in an unofficial settlement.