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31 January 2023

Palolo Valley: the boulder that came to tea

A great video has emerged of a boulder that crashed into a house in the Palolo Valley in Hawaii on Sunday 29 January 2023


30 January 2023

Multiple landslides from extreme rainfall in Auckland, New Zealand

On 27 January 2023, multiple landslides were triggered by extreme rainfall in the Auckland area of New Zealand.


27 January 2023

35-Spaceship Earth: The (visual) beauty of science

As the Scientific Visualization lead for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Mark SubbaRao oversees the translation of NASA science into images and movies. For Mark, science visualization is a key communication tool that allows the public to interact and explore the various scientific discoveries happening at NASA and beyond.


#AntarcticLog: #FridaysforFuture

I’ve made no secret of my admiration for youth climate activists around the world. This week’s #AntarcticLog features four from Kenya and Uganda, along with quotes from their social media posts. 


26 January 2023

The 19 July 2019 Yahuokou landslide in Gansu Province, China

On 19 July 2019, the large (3.92M cubic metre) Yahuokou landslide started to develop at Dongshan Town, Zhouqu County, Gansu Province, China


25 January 2023

The 30 August 2020 debris flow at Azijue village in Sichuan Province

In a paper published in the journal Landslides, Yan et al. (2023) discuss the 30 August 2020 debris flow at Azijue village in Sichuan, China, which killed three people and destroyed two villages. The losses were caused by an unusual secondary failure of ancient deposits in the channel bed.


24 January 2023

A coastal cliff collapse at Blacks Beach, San Diego, California

On 20 January 2023 a large coastal cliff collapse at Blacks Beach, San Diego, California was captured on a truly amazing video.


23 January 2023

An update on the landslide crisis at Joshimath

At Joshmath in India, 863 buildings are now showing signs of distress, of which 181 are considered to be unsafe.


20 January 2023

Grasshopper Glacier, Wyoming Disintegration Underway

Grasshopper Glacier, Connie Glacier, J Glacier and Sourdough Glacier in 1966 map (black outline of glaciers) and in 2022 false color Sentinel image (green dots for glacier outline). The area of Grasshopper Glacier declined from 3.28 km² to 0.81 km². Closeup of area in 2021 and 2022 illustrates the many glacier fragments. Grasshopper Glacier in the Wind River Range of Wyoming has a southern terminus calving into a lake, and …


34-Spaceship Earth: Powering humans in space

As the Deputy Program Manager for NASA’s Radioisotope Power Systems Program at Glenn Research Center, Concha Reid leads a team overseeing and monitoring devices that heat and give power to NASA space projects, such as the recent Orion spacecraft for Artemis 1.


#AntarcticLog: Antarctic Bears

When you think of Antarctic beasts, the tardigrade might not be the first to come to mind. But new research from the British Antarctic Survey shows that the ones in Antarctica represent a divergence hailing back to the time when the continent was cut off from the rest of the world. 


18 January 2023

Joshimath: new InSAR analysis sheds light on active deformation

Joshimath: a new InSAR analysis sheds light on active deformation over the last few months and the last few weeks


17 January 2023

Joshimath – continued development of the landslide

There are clear indications of continued development of the landslide at Joshimath, with damage now reported for 849 buildings


Marconi Glacier, Chile Fragmentation and Retreat 1986-2022

Marconi Glacier in Landsat images from 1986 and 2022. Red arrows=1986 terminus locations, yellow arrow=2022 terminus location. Tributaries labelled 1-6, bedrock divides A-D and LE=Lago Electrico. In 1986 Lago del Marconi does not exist, by 2022 it is apparent at red arrow. Marconi Glacier, Argentina is one of the more common routes onto the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap (SPI) via Marconi Pass. The glacier is no longer fed by the …


16 January 2023

A remarkable number of landslides in California

Since the start of 2023, California has been hit by a succession of major rainstorms. To date at least 402 landslides have been triggered.


13 January 2023

Starting online courses with one-on-one student meetings

What happens when you meet one-on-one in Zoom with each student enrolled in your online, asynchronous course during the first week of the semester? (1) Depending upon the size of the class, you are exhausted(!) and unable to schedule other/additional meetings. (2) You learn just how much meeting their online professor means to students.


Tenderfoot Glacier, BC Fragmentation Accelerates

The glaciers of Tenderfoot Mountain in 1987 and 2022 Landsat images illustrating the decline in area and fragmentation. Tenderfoot Glacier B-C has lost more than 70% of its area and fragmented. Glacier D and E have experienced recession along their broad lower margins. Glacier F has disappeared Tenderfoot Mountain has an array of glaciers on its flanks that have been rapidly losing area and fragmenting. One of these is Tenderfoot …


Joshimath: ISRO InSAR data reveals the scale of the issue

Joshimath: InSAR data published yesterday by the ISRO has started to reveal the scale of the landslide issue in northern India.


#AntarcticLog: Ecosystem Services 

What makes an animal a hero? Maybe it’s the services it naturally supplies to its ecosystem — services that may help plants, waterways, other animals, and yes, humans. Some researchers are even coming up with dollar amounts that people would have to pay for the services beavers provide. 


33-Spaceship Earth: Discovering water on Earth from space

Being a Hydrologist was never on Matthew Rodell’s radar, let alone working for NASA. But he always trusted the path ahead.