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24 February 2017

Ponzano di Civitella del Tronto: a highly destructive landslide in Italy

In Italy, a landslide at Ponzano di Civitella del Tronto is moving at a rate of about one metre per day, destroying the houses of about 120 people


14 February 2017

The enormous scale of the erosion problem at the Oroville Dam site

Images that have appeared online over the last 24 hours dramatically illustrate the vast scale of the erosion problem at the Oroville dam site


13 February 2017

An update on the Oroville Dam spillways – a new phase of erosion leads to evacuation of 130,000 people

Yesterday, erosion on the margin of the Oroville Dam spillways caused concern about a catastrophic collapse. The evacuation of 130,00 people was ordered.


13 August 2013

Another heart-stopping tsunami video from Japan

A “new” video has emerged of the Tohoku tsunami racing inland in a Japanese port town. I don’t know that it’s never been released before, but I sure haven’t seen it, and I’ve seen basically all of them. The video is embedded at the end of this post. Update 8/19/13: I have changed the video link to a more original YouTube video. It appears that the videographer is a Mr. …