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9 April 2019

Eco-Safe Roads – resources to guide construction

A consortium has produced a very useful guide to the design and construction of eco-safe rural roads in high mountain areas


11 March 2019

A video of a small but spectacular rockslide from Uttarakhand

A video has been posted onto Youtube showing a reasonably small but undeniably spectacular rockslide in Uttarakhand in the Indian Himalayas


3 February 2017

Helicopter sluicing of the Kaikoura landslides

In New Zealand, the authorities are using helicopter sluicing to remove loose material from landslides and unstable slopes after the Kaikoura earthquake


11 September 2014

Lurching ground and bouncing bridges in the Napa earthquake

My rides along Amtrak California’s Capitol Corridor now include an eerie stretch where they pass the site at which the highest ground motions in the Napa earthquake were recorded mere weeks ago. Just at the south abutments of the I-80 bridges over the Carquinez Strait, where the Union Pacific tracks pass through the C&H refinery, a shallow borehole seismometer recorded an acceleration of 0.99g, nearly the full force of gravity lurching soil and …