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4 March 2016

Looking Back Toward The Beginning of Time Itself

  NASA released a video today that shows the most distant object ever photographed. A galaxy that is 13.4 billion light years away. The Universe was 3% of its present age then and the red shift is an incredible 11.1. This object is now much farther away than 13.4 billion light years, because the Universe is expanding and remember we are seeing this forming galaxy as it looked 13,400 million …


21 April 2014

More About The Guy Who Almost Poisoned The Planet (As Seen on COSMOS Sunday Night)

If you saw COSMOS Sunday night, (20 April) then you might be fascinated by the story of Thomas Midgley who invented lead additives for gasoline, and formed the Ethyl Corporation. Neil deGrasse Tyson used the entire episode to tell the story Clair Patterson who discovered the age of the Earth. In doing so, he also discovered that the lead additives in the gasoline were burning slowly poisoning all plant and …


16 April 2014

Can’t Get Enough of Cosmos? Netflix Has 6 Hours of Neil deGrasse Tyson

I have mentioned the lectures you can buy from the Teaching Company before here, and one of those lecture sets is a six lecture series called The Inexplicable Universe, by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s worth the money IMHO, but before you buy it, Netflix has made available this entire series for its customers. That’s a pretty good deal. Now, this series does not have all the flash bang the COSMOS …


16 March 2014

Cosmos Part Two Tonight- The Things That Molecules Do…

Tonight’s episode talks about the past great extinctions, life, and natural selection. In other words the things that simple molecules can do in 13,000 million years.


11 March 2014

Want the Cosmos Calendar?? It’s Here!

UPDATE: You can get a LARGE jpeg image for printing HERE. Cosmic Calendar_CONVERTED


Neil deGrasse Tyson Lectures CNN on Science & Journalism

Quite a bit of talk about Neil deGrasse Tyson today and not just because Cosmo’s last night was brilliant, and soul inspiring. In an interview on CNN he was very critical of their coverage of science. I wrote about a similar episode a couple of weeks ago when several Sunday morning news shows put scientists up against those who think climate change is a hoax. Somehow they think this is …


Missed Cosmos Last Night?? You Can Watch it Here..Now


9 March 2014

In Honor of Cosmos Tonight, NASA Releases A New Set of Images on Flickr

Take a look! You can see the on FLICKR in higher resolution HERE.


23 February 2014

Can Neil de Grasse Tyson Bring His Own Magic To Sagan’s Cosmos? Oh Yes!

The first episode of the new COSMOS airs on March 9th (worldwide on Fox, and National Geographic Channel in many countries). ┬áNeil de Grasse Tyson (Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York) has been thought of by many of my fellow science geeks to be THE person to do a much-needed update of Carl Sagan’s epic tour of the Universe, and that means filling some big shoes. Sagan died …