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20 April 2021

The 19 April 2021 coastal landslide at Nefyn Bay in North Wales

The 19 April 2021 coastal landslide at Nefyn Bay in North Wales, which was caught on a brilliant video by a woman on the beach.


29 January 2021

An interesting example of coastal erosion at Happisburgh in Norfolk

An interesting example of coastal erosion at Happisburgh in Norfolk, driven by the recent rainfall from Storm Christoph


1 June 2020

Eastchurch – a coastal landslide in Kent, SE England

Two coastal landslides at Eastchurch in Kent, SE England have caused serious damage to a house located close to the edge of the cliff.


7 January 2020

Trimingham: a large landslide in complex glacial deposits

On 6 January 2020 a large coastal landslide occurred at Trimingham in north Norfolk, eastern England. This is an area of complex glaciotectonic deposits that control the style of landsliding.


11 January 2019

Barrier island sand dunes recover at different rates after hurricanes

Sand dunes on coastal barrier islands buffer the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts from oncoming hurricanes. Every year, millions of public and private dollars fund the restoration of these barrier islands, but managers often focus on the recovery of smaller sand dunes and aim at making them bigger, for better storm protection. But new research presented at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting last month finds sand dunes on these barrier islands don’t all recover at the same rate. Small dunes go back to becoming small dunes; large dunes recover to be large dunes; and they don’t typically grow larger than they were before the storm struck.


9 April 2018

Santa Cruz island: rockfalls during the M=5.3 earthquake in California on Thursday

Photographs taken from boats showed coastal cliff rockfalls on Santa Cruz island in California during the M=5.4 earthquake on Thursday 5th April


6 January 2017

Collapsing Arctic coastlines

In a paper just published in Nature Climate Change, Michael Fritz and colleagues have highlighted the environmental impacts of collapsing Arctic coastlines.


8 November 2016

Recent increases in the retreat rate of chalk cliffs in southern England

A new study published in PNAS has examined the long term retreat rate of chalk coastal cliffs in S. England, finding that the erosion rate has increased by an order of magnitude in modern times


13 August 2016

Freshwater: a nice landslide video from the Isle of Wight

Freshwater, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Radio has a nice video, taken by a walker on the beach at Freshwater, of a cliff collapse event.  The video was uploaded onto Facebook by Phil Baldwin, who was collecting fossils on the cliff face.  ITV News has a nice report that provides more detail about what happened. Phil Baldwin has also uploaded some images of the aftermath of the landslide onto …