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12 November 2021

An update on the Ministro Hales mine landslide in Chile

An update on the Ministro Hales mine landslide in Chile


10 November 2021

A large landslide at the Ministro Hales mine in Chile

A satellite image from Planet Labs shows the aftermath of a c.700 m landslide at the Ministro Hales mine in Chile between 8 and 9 November 2021. Thanks to @Geo_Risk for spotting this one.


14 October 2021

Large rock slope failures on the Southern Patagonian Icefield

Loyal reader Hernán De Angelis has very kindly highlighted two very interesting large rock slope failures on the Southern Patagonian Icefield (SPI) at Glacier Amalia.


28 October 2020

Yerba Loca – an interesting rockslide in central Chile

A new paper in the journal Landslides (Sepulveda et al 2020) describes the interesting Yerba Loca rockslide in central Chile


4 February 2020

Mina Pecket: a dramatic landslide in an open cast coal mine in 2014

On 1 April 2014 a large landslide occurred at Mina Pecket, an open cast coal mine in the southern part of Chile. The mine was closed as a consequence.


15 March 2019

Landslides induced by the 2010 Chile megathrust earthquake – my new paper

A new study (Serey et al. 2019) of the Mw=8.8 2010 Chile megathrust earthquake indicates that it triggered a surprisingly low number of landslides.


12 April 2018

Candelaria mine: a large rockslide in October 2017

In October 2017 a large rockslide occurred at the Candelaria mine in Chile, reducing production by about 20%. Planet Labs imagery captures the aftermath of this large wedge failure


2 February 2018

Landslides in the Maipo Valley, Chile

As part of our Newton Fund project, I spent a few days in January looking at the giant landslides of the Maipo Valley in Chile. These are some of my photos of these amazing rockslides and rock avalanches


23 December 2017

Villa Santa Lucia rock avalanche – images of the source zone

Images of the Villa Santa Lucia rock avalanche, inclduing prefailure views of the source and post failure views of the track, are now online


19 December 2017

The massive, catastrophic Villa Santa Lucia landslide in Chile: videos and images start to hint at the cause

It is now becoming clear that the Villa Santa Lucia landslide was caused by a massive failure of moraine 8 km upstream of the town


18 December 2017

Villa Santa Lucia: a deadly high mobility flow in Chile

On Saturday the village of Villa Santa Lucia in southern Chile was struck by a high mobility flow, killing at least 11 and leaving up to 15 people missing


25 April 2017

Strong earthquake widely filmed in Chile

A swarm of magnitude ~5-6 earthquakes offshore Chile on April 23 was punctuated two days later by a much larger M6.9 earthquake yesterday evening. While nobody could have specifically predicted the size and timing of this earthquake, it is a terribly unsurprising event, occurring as it did in the midst of this swarm of heightened seismic activity, and in the highly seismically hazardous region of coastal Chile. As has been pointed out …


27 July 2016

Landslides from the M=6.1 earthquake in the Atacama Desert on 25th July

On 25th July 2016 a M=6.1 earthquake in the Atacama Desert appears to have triggered large numbers of landslides in the hills near the town of El Salvador, 100 km from the epicentre


2 February 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 5: Water waves triggered by landslides and the Mentirosa Island Landslide complex

The Mentirosa Island landslide complex comprises four tsunamigenic soil-rock slides in Patagonia, Chile, with a combined volume of 8 million cubic metres.


27 January 2016

Landslides in Chile 4: The Punta Cola rock avalanche in Aysén Fjord

Triggered by the Mw 6.2 Aysén earthquake in Chile on 21 April 2007, the Punta Cola rock avalanche has a volume of 22.4 million cubic metres


21 January 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 3: the Meson Alto rock avalanche

The Meson Alto rock avalanche is a 4.5 cubic kilometre landslide located in a tributary of the Maipo Valley high in the Andes of Chile.


20 January 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 2: Las Cortaderas

High in the Andes in central Chile lies the Las Cortaderas Landslide complex, the most recent portion of which was triggered by an earthquake in 1958


17 January 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 1: Arauco

In September 2010 a M=8.8 earthquake struck Arauco in Chile. These landslides are part of our Newton Fund project on earthquake induced landslides in Chile.


24 September 2015

Chile keeps having earthquakes

…and keeps surviving them barely scathed. Chile has this year been rocked by its 3rd Great earthquake this century–its 14th if you include the last. Though the earthquake’s magnitude and the resulting Pacific-wide tsunami earned it headlines, it was a very mild earthquake in the global scheme of seismic impacts. This has a bit to do with the nature of offshore, subduction zone earthquakes, and a LOT to do with …


2 April 2014

Monstrous earthquake in Chile… as it unfolds

The northern coast of Chile has been struck by a Great earthquake this evening, shaking the South America continent for hundreds of miles and thrusting a tsunami onshore and across the Pacific Ocean. Notably, this earthquake occurred in a well known seismic gap, the sole reach of South America’s Pacific coast subduction zone that did not rupture in the 20th (or 21st) century. In that sense, this was one of …