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11 August 2020

Disease Experts Are Now Getting The Climate Science Treatment

  I have to feel sorry for Dr. Anthony Fauci. He has received several death threats and had to hire security for his family. So have other disease experts and the simple reason is that their science conflicts with the political worldview of some politicians and their supporters. The science does not care about your political party, it cares about what you can test and what you can show. If …


23 February 2014

Can Neil de Grasse Tyson Bring His Own Magic To Sagan’s Cosmos? Oh Yes!

The first episode of the new COSMOS airs on March 9th (worldwide on Fox, and National Geographic Channel in many countries). ┬áNeil de Grasse Tyson (Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York) has been thought of by many of my fellow science geeks to be THE person to do a much-needed update of Carl Sagan’s epic tour of the Universe, and that means filling some big shoes. Sagan died …


20 December 2011

Carl Sagan is my Homeboy

I am happy to report that my office mate Melissa Rice and I are both now PhDs! My defense was on Friday, and Melissa presented me with this awesome shirt:   After Melissa’s defense yesterday, we thought it would only be fitting to pose in front of the portrait of the man who inspired us to become planetary scientists. We are proud to call Carl Sagan our homeboy: Today is …


31 January 2011

Fighting the Woo

Carl Sagan brings his fully armed Spaceship of the Imagination to bear on the Astrology Battleship, and Tim Minchin gives the most hilarious and eloquent rant on alt-medicine and pseudoscience I have ever heard.