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19 September 2022

Slow Water movement, from “Water Always Wins”

Slow Water solutions are place-specific and community oriented. They center on water’s relationships with rocks, microbes, plants, and animals, including humans. Practitioners aim to collaborate with water rather than try to control it. — Erica Gies website


28 July 2022

What Inclusive Instructors Do – a book from Stylus Publishing

The themes of “equity and belonging” are present throughout the book, emphasizing that instructors can design learning environments for all students to reach their potential within a welcoming space that fosters a sense of belonging.


14 March 2022

New books on Congo Basin hydrology research embody AGU’s strategic goals

AGU announces a pair of books produced through an impressive, global collaboration that exemplifies the values in AGU’s strategic plan to create a thriving, sustainable and equitable future supported by scientific discovery, innovation and action.


10 December 2021

Reading books from diverse authors – a campus program that builds an earth science curriculum

My continuing work with my URGE pod to be actively anti-racist in the geoscience classroom has me reflecting even more on the role of books/essays written by diverse authors and the impact these words can have on students as well as the overall curriculum


31 August 2021

All We Can Save book circles for the climate movement

Book circles provide the ideal structure for individuals to come together as a community and discuss climate solutions presented in the anthology All We Can Save


1 February 2017

Help build a K-12 classroom library with STEM books

If reflecting back on your own early memories of reading and library visits has brought a smile to your face, please consider helping teachers and their classrooms libraries with the purchase of a STEM-themed book.