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7 May 2019

Bajo Llojeta landslide: a high resolution Planet Labs SkySat image

Planet Labs have captured a high resolution SkySat image of the Bajo Llojeta landslide in La Paz, Bolivia, which destroyed 68 houses last week.


3 May 2019

Bajo Llojeta: a major landslide, with dramatic videos, in La Paz, Bolivia

Over the last few days, but primarily on 30th April 2019, a major landslide affected Bajo Llojeta in La Paz, Bolivia. This landslide was captured in a series of dramatic videos


20 February 2017

New landslide videos: San Bernadino National Forest, La Paz and the Big Sur

San Bernadino National Forest landslide video One of a number of new landslide videos that have been published in the last few days comes from San Bernadino National Forest in Southern California, triggered by the latest in a procession of intense rainfall events in recent weeks.  This is a very impressive video of a large landslide in the Forest Falls area.  In many ways the most interesting aspect is the high …