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2 February 2021

Kapuche Lake, Nepal: a video of an avalanche air blast

An air blast strikes trekkers at Kapuche Lake in Nepal following an avalanche, as caught in a video uploaded to Youtube.


12 March 2020

Salkantay: Planet Labs imagery of the upper portions of the flow

Salkantay: Planet Labs has now captured imagery of the upper portions of the ice-rock avalanche and debris flow that occurred in Peru in February


27 February 2020

Breaking News: a catastrophic glacier collapse and mudflow in Salkantay, Peru

Breaking News: a catastrophic glacier collapse and mudflow has killed at least 4 people, and left 13 missing, in Salkantay, Peru


10 April 2018

Karimabad, Pakistan: a dramatic rock and ice avalanche caught on video

On Monday a very large rock and ice avalanche occurred at Karimabad, in Hunza, northern Pakistan. This event, which claimed three lives, was caught on a dramatic video


18 January 2017

The Mount Sulzer avalanches: the amazing video

The fourth of the Mount Sulzer avalanches, which occurred in August 2016, was captured in a remarkable video by Luke Wassink, a National Park Ranger


25 October 2016

Structures in the Aru Mountains giant avalanche deposits

The new satellite start-up, Planet, have collected satellite imagery of the second Aru Mountains avalanche in Tibet, allowing initial analysis of the flow


24 October 2016

The mysterious Tibetan ice avalanches of summer 2016

This summer there has been an unprecedented pair of giant Tibet avalanches caused by glacial collapse in the Aru mountain range


24 April 2016

The first anniversary of the Gorkha earthquake in Nepal: the Langtang rock and ice avalanche

Today is the 1st anniversary of the Gorkha earthquake in Nepal. A USGS report published last year describes the most significant landslide, the Gorkha rock and ice avalanche, which killed over 200 people.


23 November 2015

A rather splendid rock and ice avalanche video from New Zealand

Ryan Taylor captured on video a rock and ice avalanche event on the flanks of Mount Cook in New Zealand


23 June 2013

John Muir’s 1872 earthquake and Sierran rockfalls

When you gaze upon the breathtaking vistas in Yosemite National Park the mind reels trying to take in and process the breathtaking natural beauty in front of you. At the same time, it strains and cringes as hordes of tourists unloading by the bus-full elbow to carve out their own little section of the crowd in which to pose for a stranger-free shot of the stunning natural scenery. It’s the …