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12 December 2018

NOAA’s Says The Polar Freezer is In Defrost Mode

NOAA’s Arctic Report Card came out today but with all the news (that’s barely fit to print) these days, it was easy to miss. Here’s a summary of the major points and an excellent video from NOAA that summarises it. Too bad I’ve not seen it linked on any major news sites. You can read the whole report here. Report Card Highlights from NOAA Surface air temperatures in the Arctic continued to …


12 December 2017

Dr. G’s #AGU17 Spotlight – 2017 Arctic Report Card

“Arctic shows no sign of returning to reliably frozen region of recent past decades — Despite relatively cool summer temperatures, observations in 2017 continue to indicate that the Arctic environmental system has reached a ‘new normal’, characterized by long-term losses in the extent and thickness of the sea ice cover, the extent and duration of the winter snow cover and the mass of ice in the Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic glaciers, and warming sea surface and permafrost temperatures.”


14 December 2016

Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – 2016 Arctic Report Card

“Observations in 2016 showed a continuation of long-term Arctic warming trends which reveals the interdependency of physical and biological Arctic systems, contributing to a growing recognition that the Arctic is an integral part of the globe, and increasing the need for comprehensive communication of Arctic change to diverse user audiences. “


13 December 2016

Arctic Warmth is the Talk of the AGU Meeting In San Francisco. You Can See Many Talks Online.

Wishing you could attend the big American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco? I couldn’t make it this year either, but just click on the image above to watch many of the major talks at one of the world’s largest science meetings  (some are live, and others are on demand).  A LOT of science news will come out of here this week, and just today the 2016 Arctic Report Card …