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11 February 2015

Coldest Air of The Winter Headed For the NE U.S. and Midwest

A true outbreak of Polar air is headed for the northeastern quarter of the U.S. beginning Thursday. It will actually come in at least two and maybe 3 waves. The first wave will bring snow showers and plunging temps on Thursday to the East Coast from Virginia to Maine, and another surge will arrive Saturday evening with even colder air. A true Polar air mass often brings a dusting of …


4 January 2015

The Dogs of Winter Are Getting Ready To Howl!

The coldest air of the winter is about to head into the Midwest and NE U.S. over the next few days. A 1058 millibar high pressure is going to drop into the Plains starting Monday and by Thursday morning, temperatures will fall below zero as far south as Southern Indiana and Pennsylvania. The images below are from a new experimental model run that NOAA is working on to improve their …


5 January 2014

All Covered With Snow and Now Comes The Siberian Blast

Afternoon temps. under the 1051 millibar Arctic high that is about to drop into the Eastern USA were -41°C! (about the same in the old Fahrenheit scale. Map below is in degrees F) Sub zero (°F) weather will cover much of the Midwest and NE by sunrise Tuesday. Below is a pic from my Canon 5D of the snow here in Maryland: