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22 April 2022

Understanding the deadly landslides in the Durban area of South Africa

Earlier this month the Durban area of South Africa suffered landslides and floods that have killed at least 440 people.


6 September 2021

Catoca mine in Angola – using satellite imagery to understand recent events

Catoca mine in Angola – using satellite imagery to understand recent events


15 December 2020

The large landslide at Gamsberg mine: high resolution satellite images

The large landslide at Gamsberg mine: a high resolution Planet Labs SkySat satellite image of the aftermath of the failure


7 May 2020

Planet Labs high resolution image of the Chesegon, West Pokot landslides

Planet Labs have captured wonderful high resolution SkySat imagery of the 17 April 2020 channelised debris flows at Chesegon, Kenya.


29 April 2020

West Pokot: channelised debris flows killed up to 40 people in Kenya on 18 April 2020

Thanks to the Hazmapper team, we have learned that major landslides occurred in West Pokot, Kenya on 18 April 2020, killing up to 40 people and displacing 4,000.


13 January 2020

Burundi: Planet Labs and Sentinel images of the 4 December 2019 landslide disaster

Planet Labs and Sentinel images of the 4 December 2019 landslide disaster in the hills around Nyempundu, in Mugina commune in Cibitoke, Burundi


8 January 2020

Bududa, Uganda: Planet Labs images of the landslides in December that killed more than 50 people

Planet Labs have captured a good set of satellite images showing the 3 December 2019 Bududa landslides in Uganda, which killed about 50 people


28 November 2019

West Pokot: a landslide disaster in Kenya

Extremely heavy rainfall affected West Pokot in Kenya on 23 and 24 November 2019, triggering extensive landslides that have caused at least 50 fatalities


27 September 2019

Tibesti – another mining-induced landslide

Yet another mining-induced landslide occurred yesterday, in the Tibesti region of Chad in Africa, killing about 30 people.


5 June 2019

One third of the African urban population exposed to extreme heat by 2090

An international team of researchers has combined demographic projections and climate scenarios across Africa for the first time. Rapid urbanization combined with climate change is having a major impact on the living conditions of city-dwellers in Africa, especially in terms of exposure to extreme – or even lethal – temperatures.


16 April 2019

Dust toll in Africa exceeds deaths from HIV

New modeling indicates mineral dust from the Sahara is the biggest contributor to air pollution-related premature deaths on the African continent.


26 March 2019

NASA Earth Observatory imagery of the Chimanimani landslides in Zimbabwe

Yesterday NASA posted imagery of the Chimanimani landslides in Zimbabwe, triggered by Cyclone Idai. The images show multiple channelised debris flows.


21 March 2019

Planet Labs imagery of landslides in Chimanimani National Park, Zimbabwe, triggered by Cyclone Idai

Yesterday Planet Labs captured high resolution satellite imagery of some of the landslides triggered by Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani National Park, Zimbabwe


20 March 2019

Cyclone Idai: evidence of the impact of landslides and debris flows

Cyclone Idai: evidence of the impact of landslides and debris flows As the true magnitude of the likely costs of Cyclone Idai across southern Africa becomes clear, some images are emerging that indicate that in some areas landslides may have been a significant part of the problem, in Zimbabwe at least.  This is directly indicated in a few news reports – for example, it has been widely noted that two …


12 October 2018

Bududa in Uganda: landslides kill at least 40 people

Bududa, Uganda: reports indicate that at least 40 people were killed by landslides on Thursday 11th October 2018, with some suggestions of higher losses


5 September 2018

The Intersection of Climate Science and Hope: A Personal Story

As a native of the Timbuktu region in Mali, West Africa, one of the most unstable areas of the country, I have been an eyewitness to the devastating effects of climate variability and change on people’s lives.


10 May 2018

Karongi: 18 people killed in a major landslide in Rwanda

On 6th May a major rainfall triggered landslide struck Bucyurabuhoro, in Karongi District in western Rwanda, killing 18 people and injuring a further 12.


13 February 2018

Diatom ooze: the weak link in submarine landslides?

A new paper in the journal Geology (Urlaub et al. 2018) proposes that the key factor that allows giant submarine landslides maybe the combination of compressible diatom ooze and a capping layer of low permeability clay


12 January 2018

Water and sediment: news from the Mara Wetland, Tanzania

I realised that even in remote areas you are never alone. Thanks to the support of BirdLife International I had the chance to talk with people of the local communities.


21 August 2017

Regent landslide in Sierra Leone: the causes of the disaster

New images show that the Regent landslide in Sierra Leone was large translational slide that morphed into a channelised debris flow.