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18 February 2024

Georneys is Moving – and Where to Find Me

AGU has announced that it will be sunsetting the AGU Blogosphere. So, I am here to say goodbye – and to thank AGU for years of hosting my blog. I started blogging for the AGU Blogosphere in 2011, when I was in graduate school. I’ve enjoyed my time blogging here over the years, particularly my “What to Buy a Geologist for Christmas” and my “Geology Word of the Week” posts. …


6 February 2024

2023 Year-End AGU Legislative Report

2023 was one of the least productive Congressional years in decades. However, the AGU science policy community remained active, engaged, and ambitious! Learn more about AGU’s science policy and government relations programs, activities, and accomplishments by reading our year in review.     The report is divided into four sections. In the first section, Amplify the voices of the Earth and space science community, you’ll read about AGU’s work to …


5 January 2024

Reflections from the AAAS’ Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering Workshop, 2023

Madeline Nyblade, a PhD Candidate at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, was sponsored by AGU in 2023  to attend the AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering Workshop with Washington DC.  AGU is proud to sponsor one student member to participate in the AAAS CASE Workshop again in 2024. We are particularly seeking students with strong interest but limited experience and knowledge of science policy and advocacy, and who …


31 December 2023

The GeoEd Trek ends…

This post is my final blog post, ending my journey on GeoEd Trek as the AGU Blogosphere concludes.


27 December 2023

A New Year’s resolution: Thank the teacher you never thanked

As you make out your to-do list for the new year, perhaps add one more line item. Take a moment and reach out to the teacher(s) that made a difference in your own journey as a scientist/educator.


20 December 2023

Dr. G’s #AGU23 Spotlight – Open science, mentoring and more

The AGU Fall Meeting was filled with session themed around open science. My own activities supported that theme through mentoring and with a quilt display.


1 December 2023

Friday fold: a Massanutten cross-section from a century ago

The Friday fold digs deep into the historical archives for a near-century old illustration of the geology of the Massanutten mountain system in Virginia’s Valley & Ridge geologic province.


29 November 2023

Coastal Climate Solutions – via quilt

What happens if you ask students to write stories relating to Project Drawdown’s coastal and ocean sinks sector – and share their work? One outcome can be a collaborative class quilt!