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18 September 2023

ChatGPT does take-home assignments – but can it do citations?

What happens when ChatGPT is asked to find sources on a particular topic? Spoiler: it makes them up.


10 September 2023

Lilliehöökbreen, Svalbard Calving Retreat and Separation 2000-2023

Lilliehöökbreen terminus in 2000 was a continuous 11 km front fed by the tributary glaciers Supan (S), Hellman (H), Bjorlykke (B), Kutte (K), Darboux (D), Becqueret (Be), Cailletet (C), Bruckner (Br) and Forbes (F). By 2023 the continuous front was 8 km long having separated from Supan, Forbes, and Bruckner. Landsat images from 2000 and 2023 indicate a 2.5 km retreat resulting in a ~17 km² fjord expansion. Lilliehöökbreen is …


4 September 2023

When Barbie was a Paleontologist

In 1996, Barbie started her career as a paleontologist – with some comments and suggestions from geologists


30 August 2023

The Smoky Summer of 23 Will Linger In our Noses and Memories

While all eyes have been on the two hurricanes, the wildfire smoke is still impacting many areas. It is quite visible today on the GOES images. The fires in the NW Territories of Canada this summer have released around 277 times the amount of carbon that area of Canada emitted in 2021! I’ve been a synoptic meteorologist for 43 years, and I’ve never seen a summer like this one. This …


20 August 2023

Making your syllabus liquid

A liquid syllabus is designed to humanize you and your course to students and present information in a mobile-friendly format.


19 August 2023

Hall Peninsula Ice Cap, Baffin Island Retains No Snowcover in 2023 Fosters Fragmentation

Hall Peninsula Ice Cap east of Popham Bay is snow free on 8-14-2023. Comparison of Landsat images from 2014 and 2023 arrows indicate four locations where the ice cap is fragmenting and at each Point D is an emerging/expanding bedrock area amidst the ice cap. Hall Peninsula is host to many glaciers and ice caps, almost all unnamed. Here we examine the largest ice cap on the Peninsula using Landsat …


14 August 2023

August Legislative Update and Engagement Opportunities

August recess is the time for members of Congress to travel back to their districts and states. This is an opportune time for members of Congress to engage with constituents and see how their congressional office can be of any resource, assistance, or guidance to you. Here are three great ways to engage with your legislators and their staff: 1. Invite them to visit your lab, field site, or institution especially …