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23 November 2021

Sharing Science at AGU21

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays (well, yes, that too). It’s AGU’s Fall Meeting!


12 May 2021

#RhymeYourResearch: Memory of a Flower

“Memory of a Flower” was inspired by an article I read about the learning flights that honey- and bumblebees take after encountering a nectar-rich flower. These flights involve the bees repeatedly turning and facing towards the flower as they depart from it, studying its characteristics.


22 April 2021

#RhymeYourResearch: anthropo-obscenity

Later on, in the peer-review for publication in Consilience Journal, the reviewers strongly suggested changing the last line and thus removing the explicit reference to Lilith’s Brood. With a heavy heart, I bowed to their arguments – mainly to make the poem more accessible for a wider audience. Still, killing my darling ‘oankali trade’ somehow feels like treason to one of my favorite writers.


21 April 2021

Sharing #SciArt: #AGURocks, #DrawnToGeoscience, & #RhymeYourResearch

The goal was to not only showcase thee amazing ways of communicating science via art but to also show folks the creative process behind the creations; to pull back the curtain to hopefully lower the barrier(s) to entry for those who may have thought about scicomm via art but thought that it was too difficult/they didn’t have the talent.


24 March 2021

#RhymeYourResearch: Word by Word

This poem was written near the very end of my PhD, which was submitted at the start of August, 2020. It forms the self-reflection section of my thesis.


12 March 2021

#RhymeYourResearch: Carbon, You’re Key

Recently, I have been homeschooling one of my children. We got onto a geology kick while digging up various rocks on our walks in the woods. To better understand what we were finding, I read through a rocks and minerals handbook.


15 January 2021

Introducing #RhymeYourResearch

Today we are introducing a new series: #RhymeYourResearch. Inspired by our yearly workshop at our annual meeting, and a close working relationship with the folks over at Consilience, an online poetry journal exploring the spaces where the sciences and the arts meet, we want to feature folks who create science poems.