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1 February 2012

Mystery Rock #6

Back in December, Diego emailed me pictures of an interesting looking, rounded rock that has some lighter markings on it that look like pictures. Diego wrote: Hello Evelyn, My name is Diego, and since you like to study rocks, I do have one for you! I was told it was sediment that created the pictures on the rock. Is it possible? What would you do if you have found this …


21 December 2011

Mystery Rock #5

I haven’t posted a mystery rock in awhile, and I have some catching up to do! A little over a month ago I received an email from Liz, who is a Middle School teacher in the Boston area. Liz wrote, Once you have a moment and are not too busy with post-wedding stuff, could you take a look at the rock pics I have attached? The 8th grader I work …


3 November 2011

Mystery Rock #4

Time for another mystery rock! This one was sent to me by Jess back in July. Jess, I’m sorry this took me so long to post. I blame my thesis… and wedding busyness… and also the fact that this rock actually has me stumped. I’m afraid that I can’t provide too much more insight into what this rock might be, other than that I think it’s sedimentary. Not very helpful, …


2 September 2011

Mystery Rock #3

Back in May I posted about a Mystery Rock and then a Mystery Rock #2. Pictures of these two mystery rocks were sent in by blog readers. I had a great time thinking about these two mystery rocks and helping with their identification, and there was some great discussion among geologists and non-geologists in the comments. For awhile I’ve been meaning to post Mystery Rock #3. A couple of months …