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24 April 2020

Friday fold: The geologic map of Pennsylvania

This is such a gorgeous map: [gigapan id=”220523″ height=”250″ width=”100%”] Link 0.43 Gpx GigaPan of a geologic map by Berg, T.M., Edmunds, W.E., Geyer, A.R., Glover, A.D., Hoskins, D.M., MacLachlan, D.B., Root, S.I., Sevon, W.D., and Socolow, A.A., (1980) I’ve been organizing a bunch of geologic maps this week for my Historical Geology students, and this is one of the most beautiful. I merged the two halves of the map …


19 September 2016

Monday Geology Picture: Old Maps of Africa

Earlier this year I visited a local wine farm here in the Western Cape of South Africa, and there I saw a lovely display of some reproductions of some old maps of Africa. I’m not sure about the background of these┬ámaps, but I snapped a few pictures because I thought they were interesting. If you recognize any of the maps, please let me know in the comments. Here are a …


3 May 2016

Soundings, by Hali Felt

The Heezen and Tharp (1977) World Ocean Floor Panorama is an amazing map – an ideal amalgam of science and art. It is the result of a collaboration between Bruce Heezen and Marie Tharp, in conjunction with artist Heinrich Berann, made a beautiful map that brought a state-of-the-art-as-of-1978 understanding of the seafloor immediately into the minds of whoever gazed upon the map. It’s a work of art, a paragon of …


21 April 2016

Firsthand reports from Canoa, Ecuador after the quake

Callan’s mother-in-law lives in one of the most strongly-shaken regions of Ecuador. Here, she and her boyfriend recount the experience of the earthquake Saturday night and its aftermath. Includes 8 photos from the scene.


15 March 2016


Join Callan for a virtual field trip, as he shares dozens of photos from a recent ‘field review’ of a new geological map in Virginia’s Valley & Ridge province. Highlights: graptolites, trace fossils, geopetal structures, folds and faults.


15 January 2016

Friday fold: Harpers Ferry

The geology east of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is cool. It’s Blue Ridge rocks, from basement to the cover sequence, tilted to the west and broken and repeated by the Short Hill Fault. Here’s a look at a detail of the Geology of the Harpers Ferry quadrangle by Southworth and Brezinski (1996). So there’s a fault! Good – but the title of this post isn’t “Friday fault” – Where’s the …


13 October 2015

Summer 2016 European GigaPan expedition: Sites wanted

Great news – I have been awarded a great professorship for the next two years. The Chancellor’s Commonwealth Professorship is a great honor and a major investment by the Virginia Community College System in me and my GigaPan project. I get course release time, a summer stipend, and reimbursable expenses of around $7500. I intend to use that money and that time to do a major GigaPan expedition in Europe …


27 January 2014

Monday Geology Picture: An Early Map of Arabia

Back in September 2013 I visited Dubai for one day during a layover when I was flying from Alaska back to South Africa. I was fortunate enough to be able to sleep on the flight from New York to Dubai, so when I arrived in Dubai I took a quick shower at the hotel then headed out to explore for a few hours. I spent some time at the Dubai …


4 January 2013

Friday fold: Up on Opequon Creek

I got a call last month from Rebekah Wiedower, a landowner up in Frederick & Clarke counties (her family’s property includes pieces of both), inviting me to come up and look at some anticlines and synclines that Dan Doctor (USGS) had identified on the bank of Opequon Creek. I was glad to do it, though shooting these photos meant I had to wade across the stream in my sneakers (on …


24 December 2010

A Famous Ocean Floor Map

The 1977 World Ocean Floor Map created by Bruce Heezen and Marie Tharp. Image taken from here. One of the most famous world maps is the 1977 World Ocean Floor Map (see above) created by Bruce Heezen and Marie Tharp, a pioneering female oceanographer and kick-ass female scientist. Prior to the publication of this map, scientists had very little idea of what the seafloor looked like on a global scale. …