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15 February 2016

Monday Geology Picture: Blog Title Inspiration

Ever wonder about the lovely artwork that is featured in my blog title? That artwork was inspired by a real picture, which I’ve decided to feature in this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post. The above picture was taken in Wadi Rum, Jordan back in 2007. Wadi Rum is a magical place. You can see some more of my pictures of Wadi Rum here.


15 December 2011

Thursday Geology Picture: Sandstone Statues in the Petra Siq

Geology picture-a-day week continues here at Georneys. Today’s geology picture comes from one of my favorite places on Earth: Petra, Jordan. Petra is an ancient Nabatean city nestled in a broad valley that is protected by steep sandstone terrain. Petra is accessed by the Siq, a narrow canyon through the sandstone. The geology of the Siq is impressive enough: the walls of the canyon reveal beautiful, red rose colored sandstone …


25 July 2011

Blast from the Past: Desert Chants

For those of you who are not familiar, in my “Blast from the Past” posts I share– for better or for worse– interesting tidbits from my past (pictures, childhood drawings, old school essays, etc.). Below is a Chapel Speech that I gave at Westover School (the wonderful all-girls’ boarding school I attended… yes, I went to fancy shmancy boarding school) back in April 2000 when I was sixteen years old. …


2 February 2011

Wadi Rum in Pictures

Lunch in the shade of a rock arch, Jordan, August 2007. The Middle East is near and dear to my heart. When I was fifteen, I lived with a Palestinian refugee family in Jordan for five months as an exchange student. The experience opened my eyes to the wider world and no doubt changed the course of my life. Ever since, I have been drawn to the Arabic language, the …