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25 September 2014

Sutherland Sky: Part VI – Dwyka Diamictite

At long last, I’m finishing up my series of posts about my October 2013 visit to the small town of Sutherland in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Sutherland is home to a South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) research station that contains many telescopes, including the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). You can read Part I of this series here, Part II of this series here, Part III of this series here, Part IV of this series here, and Part V of this …


7 January 2013

Monday Geology Picture(s): Seychelles Miscellany

For this week’s Monday Geology Picture post, I thought I would share a few last pictures from the recent holiday visit of my friends Nia and Patrick to the Seychelles. These pictures have definitely inspired me to have my own Seychelles holiday one day! Beautiful beaches, warm weather, and fascinating geology– what a perfect vacation destination!


31 December 2012

Monday Geology Picture: A Seychelles Sunset

Continuing with some pictures from the recent vacation of my friends Nia and Patrick to the Seychelles, here is a stunning sunset shot. This picture makes me want to take my own vacation to the Seychelles!


23 December 2012

Monday Geology Picture(s): More Gondwana Granites in the Seychelles

Last week I shared some pictures of Gondwana granites that were taken by my good friends Nia and Patrick on their recent holiday to the Seychelles. This week I thought I’d share a couple more pictures of Seychelles granites. Enjoy!


17 December 2012

Monday Geology Picture(s): Gondwana Granites

My good friends Nia and Patrick recently went on holiday in the Seychelles, an archipelago nation consisting of 115 islands. The Seychelles are located north of Madagascar. Along with Mauritius and Zanzibar, the Seychelles are a popular tropical vacation destination for South Africans. Geologically, the Seychelles are very interesting. There are two types of islands in the Seychelles: young coral islands and older islands made of granite. There are approximately …


15 December 2010

Geology Word of the Week: G is for Gondwana

This week we are at the letter G… I immediately thought of one of my favorite geology words: Gondwana! def. Gondwana: Gondwana is an ancient geological supercontinent that was comprised of modern-day Antarctica, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Arabia. Gondwana first formed ~500 million years ago and later joined with the supercontinent Laurasia, that was comprised of modern-day North America, Europe, and Asia, to form a super-supercontinent …