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3 January 2018

An odd mystery rock from Shetland

Any readers have any idea what this strange rock is? It’s got wild patterns! These samples were in the garden of a local rockhound in Lerwick; I have zero idea what the mineralogy is; I was just stunned by the “scale-like” pattern of gray and pink. I’d be eager to hear your ideas what this might be. Thanks very much in advance!


22 December 2017

The #FaultCup semifinals

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a fun game playing out on Twitter, hosted by Jorge (@lithospheric), called The Fault Cup, or #FaultCup in Twitterspeak. There’s a bracket showing one-on-one match ups between different faults, and then a 24 hour Twitter poll is posted, where the audience can vote for which one they want to advance to the next round.  Click through to embiggen. If you’ve missed the fast …


27 November 2017

Pre-post contest: What is this book?

Which of you can you tell me what this green book is all about (three volumes)? I’ll follow up in 1 hour with a post about the place where I took this photo.


3 May 2017

Geopuzzle: what’s going on here?

Fancy taking a guess? Answers tomorrow…


6 November 2016

Contest: interpret this outcrop

Lens cap for scale. Correctly tell me what’s going on here, and you get A Big Prize!


28 July 2016

Currents of air and water, deposition and erosion

Yesterday I showed you two scenes, depicted in two photos each, that I saw on the beach at Machir Bay, Islay, last week. I suggested that it might be fun to compare and contrast them. Scene #1 was this: Scene #2 was this: Scene #1 is a place where aeolian (wind) currents were at work. They appear to have stripped away some of the sand protecting these pebbles, and then …


27 July 2016

Compare and contrast: pebbles on a beach

Here are two scenes, depicted in two photos each, that I saw on the beach at Machir Bay, Islay, last week. Compare and contrast them. Scene #1: Scene #2: What stories do these pebbles tell? Answers tomorrow…


6 October 2015

Can you spot the contact?

There’s a formational contact in this photo, and for many years, I misplaced it completely. Let’s see how well you do: can you spot it? Submit your answers by downloading the photo (right click; ‘save as’), drawing on the contact, saving your annotated copy, and then posting your version in the comments. Need more data? Try exploring this GigaPan of the site: [gigapan id=”78234″] Answers tomorrow.


26 October 2013

LEGO Alvin Update and a Rock Prize

A week ago I asked you to go vote for a proposed design for a LEGO Deep Sea Submersible Alvin. At the time, LEGO Alvin had 275 votes. I said that I’d give you an update on the voting a week later. At the moment, LEGO Alvin has 356 votes. So, over the last week LEGO Alvin has gained an additional 81 votes. That’s not bad, but I think we …


10 April 2011

Geology Pun Contest: The Winner

The prize: Gillian Turner’s book “North Pole South Pole.” As I mentioned yesterday, this blog is now returning to its usual geological theme. I also mentioned yesterday that in the near future I will blog about the Oklo Natural Nuclear Reactor, which is a topic that I hope will appeal to both those interested in geology and those interested in nuclear power. I want a few days to read some …