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12 September 2010

Carnival of Space #169

Hey everyone, the 169th Carnival of Space is up at Next Big Future! Go take a look. Now.


22 June 2010

Carnival of Space #159

Hey, check it out! It’s the Carnival of Space over at Next Big Future! This week’s coolest article, which I somehow missed before this: the Kepler science team has found 750 possible exoplanets!


2 May 2010

Carnival of Space 152

Welcome to The Martian Chronicles and the 152nd edition of the Carnival of Space! As always, we’ve got a great bunch of space-related posts from across the blogosphere, ranging from life on Mars to the age of the universe to Science Ninjas! I’ll get things started with a pair of posts from right here at The Martian Chronicles. A couple weeks ago I went on a cool geology field trip …


22 March 2010

Carnival of Space #146

I’ve been a bit of a delinquent blogger lately, but the rest of the astro-blogosphere has been busy! To get caught up on all the cool stuff that I have neglected to tell you in the past week, check out the Carnival of Space over at Simostronomy!


8 December 2009

Carnival of Space #132!

Hey, check it out, it’s the carnival of space! Things will be pretty quiet around here this week because I’m a bit preoccupied with a two-page abstract for next year’s Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (due Thursday) and putting together a poster for the American Geophysical Union conference next week. I can only imagine the LPSC coordinators cackling with glee as they scheduled the abstract deadline the week before AGU. …


13 October 2009

Carnival of Space #124

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde In fact, some of us have managed not only to look at the stars, but to blog about them. Luckily, there is a nice one-stop-shop for space-related blogs from the past week: the 124th Carnival of Space, hosted this week at We Are All In the Gutter. Go check it out!


5 October 2009

Carnival of Space #123

One… Two… Three… Carnival of Space #123! This week the Carnival is hosted over at Weird Warp. As always, check it out for all the spacey goodness you can handle.


10 August 2009

Carnival of Space #115

Hey, check it out! Another Carnival of Space! Head over to New Frontier News for all your spacey needs.


20 July 2009

Carnival of Space #112: Apollo's 40th Anniversary!

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! I will have more to say about this later, but for now, let me direct you to this week’s Carnival of Space over at ‘Out of the Cradle’. There are also some great sites celebrating this anniversary, including: NASA (duh), “We Choose the Moon“, a very cool site that shows the events of the mission and lots of other …


13 July 2009

Carnival of Space #111

Another week, another awesome Carnival of Space! This week is hosted by 21st Century Waves, and has lots of great entries. Go check it out! Also stay tuned here: I have two sci-fi reviews coming up this week!


22 June 2009

Carnival of Space #108 : Solstice Edition!

Another week, another carnival of space! This one is special though because yesterday was the northern summer solstice! Go check out the Carnival over at Starts With a Bang, and enjoy the long hours of daylight (if you live in the North) or go have a snowball fight (if you live in the south).


15 June 2009

Carnival of Space #107

After three flights and a nice nighttime drive during which I got to watch a  thunderstorm raging off on the horizon, lighting up the clouds like paper lanterns, I am in Los Alamos! I am here all week doing lab work: I finally get to shoot rocks with lasers! I’ll post some more info about why we are attacking rocks with sci-fi weapons at some point this week, but for …


8 June 2009

Carnival of Space #106

Hello folks, apologies for the lack of posts lately. I have been keeping busy trying to write up a draft of a paper on the Gale crater landing site for MSL, which is taking a very long time and becoming very large. I don’t anticipate having lots of time to post here this month. Even as I work on the draft, I will be traveling out to Los Alamos National …


28 April 2009

100th Carnival of Space!

Back in the early naive days of space carnivals, we looked to the future and were certain that the 100th carnival of space would actually be a carnival, and that it would actually be held in space. Sadly, protests from the carnival spin-and-barf ride-cleaner’s union quashed that dream before it could become a reality. Luckily, we found a new equally awesome place to have the 100th carnival: One Minute Astronomy! …


19 April 2009

Carnival of Space #99

Do you like space? Do you like bread? Well hey, what a coincidence! This week’s carnival comes to you in the form of a recipe for yummy bread, over at Alice’s Astro Info! Go check it out!


13 April 2009

Dune Mars, Visiting Mars and Carnival #98!

It seems that the astro-blogs have Mars on the brain today! Bad Astronomy has a post about some mind-bendingly cool HiRISE pictures of dunes on Mars, and The Spacewriter has a post about Mars as a whole and Ganges Chasma in particular. And, if you’d like a little more diversity in your space-blogging, go check out the 98th Carnival of Space at Universe Today!


24 March 2009

Carnival of Space #95

The Carnival of space is up over at Orbitalhub! Why are you still here? Go check it out!


7 March 2009

Carnival of Space #94

This week’s Carnival of Space is up at the Planetary Society Blog! Alas, I am not in the carnival, I’ve been too busy. I’m afraid things are going to be pretty quiet here for the next week, but consider it the prelude to some really exciting blogging coming up: Next saturday I’ll be joining my officemates and adviser on a weeklong geology field trip to Arizona, where we will be …


15 February 2009

Carnival of Space #90

Apologies for a slow week here at Martian Chronicles. Research and non-blog writing got in the way this week for me, but the rest of the space-related blogosphere has been posting away as usual. Check out this week’s Carnival of Space for all your space-blogging needs!


7 February 2009

Carnival(s) of Space!

I missed last week, so here are two Carnivals for the price of one! Enjoy!