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1 March 2019

Friday fold: Gold Harbour, South Georgia

Near Antarctica, South Georgia Island is a good place to find glaciers and penguins. And, as it turns out: massive recumbent folds! Let’s take a look.


11 April 2017

The Sixth Extinction: A Sigma Force Novel, by James Rollins

I did a double-take in the library last week. I was scanning the shelves of audio books, looking for something interesting, when I saw one called The Sixth Extinction. Ahh, such a good book – Elizabeth Kolbert did such a great job with – WAIT – This one has “James Rollins” listed as the author. It wasn’t Kolbert’s book. It was a different The Sixth Extinction. The full title is The …


9 May 2016

Three GigaPans from Heard Island

The 2016 Heard Island expedition has returned. They took a GigaPan rig with them. Explore new imagery from this remote and hostile land!


14 January 2016

Everland, by Rebecca Hunt

There’s something about Arctic and Antarctic adventure that stirs my interest. The merciless but fascinating environment, the odd fauna, the endurance, The Endurance, the way human frailties pop out against the stark backdrop. Evidently novelist Rebecca Hunt is subject to the same entrancement. She was one of 18 artists and writers who participated in the Arctic Circle residency in 2011, and I think it follows that the novel Everland resulted …


5 February 2013

LASI V: Fire and Ice– Antarctic Glaciovolcanism Provides Clues to Past Climate

Note: Dr. Sergio Rocchi, an associate professor at the University of Pisa in Italy, presented a talk, “Intravolcanic sills, lava flows, and lava-fed deltas (Victoria Land, Antarctica): Paleoenvironmental Significance” at the LASI V workshop in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in October 2012. The article below is based on this talk and also an interview with Dr. Rocchi. Over a few weeks, I am highlighting some of the research that was …