17 November 2010

Has science blogging affected your career?

Posted by vivienne

The popularity of science blogging has exploded in recent years. But do blogging scientists risk their promotion prospects? Guardian blogger GrrlScientist mentioned at Science Online London 2010 in September that she thinks blogging may have affected her chances of a permanent academic position. She started blogging in 2004 and thinks opinions of blogs have probably changed since then. Some SciOnline delegates agreed.

I’ve been haunted by this bit of Science Online since September. I’ve now been commissioned to write an article about whether science blogging does affect early career scientists – positively or negatively. The article will give advice for using science blogging to boost your career and will give tips for stuff bloggers should avoid. I would love to hear people’s experiences in the comments section here or by email. I’m happy to talk in confidence and anonymously since I know this is a sensitive issue that not everyone might be prepared to discuss openly.

Please, please get in touch. I feel awareness needs raising about this and want to know how big an issue it really is for bloggers.